Muslim Migrants ‘Enrich’ Netherlands With 5,000 ‘Vibrant’ Car Fires In 2019, Setting New Record

When the Netherlands decided to flood its quiet, boring, and much-too-White country with some much-needed Third World vibrancy, who could have foreseen that one of the “new normals” would be thousands of car fires and skyrocketing automobile insurance premiums?

A record number of 4,941 car fires were registered by insurers in the Netherlands last year, an increase of 12 percent compared to the 4,399 cars that burned out in the country in 2018, the Dutch Association of Insurers reported on Wednesday.

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89% of “Refugees” in Holland Still on Welfare Three Years Later

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1,400 White Dutch Girls Sex-Trafficked Every Year by Nonwhite Invaders, Police Admit

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