The breadbasket of a country is a region which, because of the richness of the soil and/or advantageous climate, produces large quantities of wheat or other grain. Rice bowl is a similar term used to refer to Southeast Asia, and California’s Salinas Valley is sometimes referred to as the world’s salad bowl. Such regions may be the subject of fierce political disputes which may even escalate into full military conflicts.


Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg

South Africa 

The Free State province is often considered the breadbasket of South Africa due to its wheat, sunflower and maize fields.

The Overberg region in the Western Cape is also known as the breadbasket of South Africa due to its large wheat fields, as well as fruit growing [Land that is stolen or about to be stolen from Whites].

Flag of Rhodesia from 1968–1979

Rhodesia / Zimbabwe 

Rhodesia (Today named Zimbabwe) was known as the breadbasket of Africa until 2000, exporting wheat, tobacco, and corn to the wider world, especially to other African nations. However today, Zimbabwe, Rhodesia’s successor state, is a net importer of foodstuffs from the Western World (Land stolen from Whites]. 


While as Rhodesia, the country was once considered the breadbasket of Africa. Today, Zimbabwe is a net importer of foodstuffs, with the European Union and United States providing emergency food relief as humanitarian aid on a regular basis. The nation has suffered profound economic and social decline in the past twenty years. Recently the agriculture sector has started to do well since the availability of expertise and machines has improved supported mainly by China. 

Zimbabwe also suffered from a crippling inflation rate, as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe had a policy of printing money to satisfy government debt. This policy caused the inflation rate to increase from 32% in 1998 to 11,200,000% in 2007. Monetary aid by the International Monetary Fund was suspended due to the Zimbabwe government’s defaulting on past loans, its inability to stabilise its own economy, its inability to stem corruption and its failure to advance human rights. In 2009, Zimbabwe abandoned its currency, relying instead on foreign currencies.

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An aerial photo of the Borgboda farm in SaltvikÅland


East Prussia was considered as breadbasket of German Reich [Land stolen from Germany].

Flag of Denmark.svg


Scania is considered the breadbasket of Sweden. The yield per unit area is higher than in any other region in Sweden and the soil is among the most fertile in the world. The Scanian plains are an important resource for the rest of Sweden since 25–95% of the total production of various types of cereals come from the region [Land stolen from Denmark].

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