Jewish Writer: The “Holocaust” Never Happened and Jews Are Destroying White Societies

The Jewish “Holocaust” hoax has spawned many sub-hoaxes, such as the one that inspired this image, supposedly depicting German soldiers throwing living Jewish babies into a flaming pit — very similar to the tales popularized by Jewish fraudster Elie Wiesel.

“Both of my parents and all of my grandparents and ancestors as far back as I can trace my ancestry are Jews. But I do not practice the Jewish religion. The last time I went to a synagogue for a religious service was when my mother passed away in 1994.”

The claim that 6 million Jews died during World War II is wrong. During the war era, that is, including the years shortly before the war and shortly after the war, 5 million Jews went to what is now Israel, and the Jewish population of North America went up from about 4 million to about 6 million. Then, there were Jews who went Brazil, Argentina, Australia and many other nations of the world. This accounts for more than a decrease of 6 million Jews in Europe. After the war, there were still a lot of Jews in what was the USSR. The world Jewish population was estimated to be 15 and a half million circa 1929, but it reached an estimated high of 18 million in 1989, an increase of 16% which would have been impossible if 6 million Jews died in World War II.

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Truth Fears No Investigation


  1. vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ · August 29, 2020

    Not only were jews the creators of the Holohoax fabrication, they worshipped Moloch who they sacrifced their own children to.

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  2. DB · October 25

    By far, Jews are the most dangerous predators that ever roamed the face of the earth

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