Conservatives Will Be HUNTED Down, Wave of ATTACKS on Trump Supporters, Portland Man EXECUTED

Video on BitChute

Conservatives and Trump supporters are being HUNTED down in the streets, as a Portland man was murdered for being a Trump supporter and waves of attacks on conservatives continue across the country. The media continues to ignore these attacks. #CivilWar #Portland #BlackLivesMatter


Self defence is a human right!

Most people are loaded with jealousy, envy and hatred, towards Germanic people.

Mainstream media, our governments and authorities are taking sides against us, their host (people).

When anti-Whites (BLM, Antifa, etc.) literally gets away with murder, they will feel encouraged to become even more violent.

‘Castle doctrine’ and ‘Stand-your-ground law’

Survivalism & Prepping!?

Parallel society

For A Better America

About USA

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