The Greenman Cometh

You know the Greenman? He has the face of the wizened man, beard of leaves and head wreathed in branch and flower? He is something of a neotraditional archetype. But there is a place for him in the White National, a symbol that really should cut across boundaries. To my knowledge he gained traction in the Victorian Era. He symbolises the White Man’s connection with nature.

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Lost Causes!

I made a post about Community Building – IRL where I were advocating for networking and community building. Which could help each of us having general success in life. Instead of being sad bitter losers.

There will be sad bitter losers, that is unavoidable. Some people just draw the ‘shortest straw’ in the genetic lottery. Mentally ill people incapable of getting along with others.

Lost causes.

There are plenty of ‘cookie cutter’ guides to identify toxic people.

Behaviors That Can Make Someone Toxic To Be Around:


Complaining Often

Not Being Present

Not Caring About Other People’s Time

Failing To Apologize

Interrupting & Overshadowing

Glossing Over Someone’s Accomplishments

Jumping To Conclusions


Letting Jealousy Win

Having Low Self-Esteem

Being Extra Dramatic

Being Self-Centered

Lacking Empathy

Being Judgmental

Both Environment and Genetic Makeup Influence Behavior

Narcissists, Psychopaths, & Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage In “Virtuous Victim Signaling”, Study Finds

The myth of the ‘stolen country’

What should the Europeans have done with the New World?

new world

The narrative of the ‘stolen country’ or ‘Native American genocide’ does not stand up to scrutiny by any honest and clear-sighted historian. It is a dangerously myopic and one-sided interpretation of history. It has only gained currency because most practicing historians and history teachers are either susceptible to groupthink, or else have been cowed into silence by fear of losing their jobs. Reduced to its puerile form of ‘statement of guilt’, this myth puts 100 percent of the burden on Europeans who are held responsible for all historical evil, while the First Nations people are mere victims; martyrs even, whose saintlike innocence presumes that their civilization and society were practically perfect in every way. This is no way to honor or respect the realities of First Nation lives and their agency. And it helps perpetuate the idea that the US and Canada are fundamentally illegitimate societies, and that by implication, every other country on Earth is legitimate. If we were to be honest, there is not a single country on Earth which did not displace natives, or which did not engage in nasty wars or ethnic cleansings at many points during its history. The current fad for holding up the US and Canada to special scrutiny and particular opprobrium is therefore distorting at best.

Was the land stolen?

As an economic historian, allow me to point out some of the most obvious structural problems with the ‘stolen country’ paradigm.

​First, no matter who ‘discovered’ the New World, it is inevitable that a large proportion of New World inhabitants would have died within the first few decades after first contact. This is universally acknowledged by specialists in the field. The New World population was smaller and more homogenous than the Old World population. Thus, its people had less immunity to disease than the people of the Old World, where disease communities from Africa, Asia and Europe had been intermingling for millennia. Even though some European captains did try and spread smallpox around a few forts and villages from time to time, the effect of their efforts was almost negligible compared with the natural spread of disease. So the claims of genocide by disease have almost nothing to do with European actions, apart from their simply reaching the New World. And of course, Europeans of the time had no way of envisioning the continent-wide epidemic repercussions of their actions. Verdict: not guilty.

​Let us also acknowledge that Native American society was just as warlike as any other in human history. The anthropologists’ vision of Native Americans as peace-pipe-smoking environmentalists which gained purchase in the 1970s has long since given way to a more Hobbesian portrait of pre-Columbian reality. In North America, most Natives were primitive farmers. This means that (with some exceptions) they had no permanent settlements: they farmed in an area for a few decades until the soil got tired, before moving on to greener pastures where the hunting was better and the lands more fertile. This meant that tribes were in constant conflict with other tribes. It also meant that chiefs were continually vying for power, creating confederations under themselves, and that the question of who owned the land was in a more or less constant state of flux. In most of North America, the idea that any one piece of land belonged to any one tribe, for more than 50 or 100 years, is therefore highly questionable. In short, if you looked at a map of Native Canada 200 years before Europeans arrived, it would have been entirely different. In the meantime, some groups of natives would have slaughtered, bullied or enslaved others. Should we not be grieving for those Native Canadians whose land was stolen by other Native Canadians? Or is that somehow OK? I don’t suppose there is an app for that.

​The idea that the Europeans stole some land which had belonged in perpetuity to any one tribe is therefore ludicrous. The situation in most of North America was similar to northern Europe on the eve of the Germanic migrations, or western Europe as the Celts were moving across the landscape. Precisely to whom the land belonged in any given century at these periods in history was anyone’s guess. The very notion of property is a Greco-Roman invention which most cultures found foreign until quite recently. But Europeans of the time had little chance of grasping this difference. What the Europeans did in the New World was insert themselves into a fluid power struggle which had been ongoing for millennia. Many Native American chiefs were ready to pledge allegiance to the Great ‘Chief of the English’, as a political expedient, just as various English colonies sided with this or that Native American ‘Great Chief’. Despite a few sensational cases of duplicity, most of the time, Europeans tried to buy land from Indians, just like they would buy an acre of land in England. If the local chief assented to this and liked the price, where then was the crime? Many individual Europeans believed that according to the norms of both parties, they had legal usufruct to the land they were working. To judge this as theft is therefore anachronistic. As Europeans set up farming communities, and introduced guns to North America, Native American communities were forced to move further away from European lands as game retreated. The areas around white settlements were often empty for this reason, making the land seem all the more abandoned. Musket use by natives probably depleted animal stocks at a higher rate than previously, meaning that the very introduction of firearms might have spelled the doom of hunting and gathering in North America in the long run, even if the Europeans had otherwise left the country alone.

​Another major structural issue is this: what precisely would our pious anthropology professors have had Europeans do with the New World once they found it?

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Calls to Remove the Statue of Iceland’s Founder

Gunnar Smári Egilsson, an Icelandic journalist and founder of Sósíalistaflokk Íslands (Socialist Party of Iceland), wants the statue of Ingólfr Arnarson taken down, referring to as a justification as the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement. Ingólfr Arnarson is the first permanent settler of Iceland, and founder, with his brother Hjörleifr Hróðmarsson, of Reykjavík in 874.

According to Gunnar Smári Egilsson, Ingólfr Arnarson “murdered” and oppressed “freedom heroes” Duf­þak og Helga… And, the horror, traded and owned slaves. He wants to replace the statue of the founder of Iceland with that of slaves, such as Karla or Vífli.

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His Name Is Rowan Sweeney

A few weeks ago, I posted about a five-year-old White boy in Wilson, North Carolina, named Cannon Hinnant who was murdered by a male Black neighbor, on 9 August 2020, who came into the Hinnant family’s yard to shoot Cannon in the head.

On 21 September 2020, it happened again. This time, a four-year-old White boy named Rowan Sweeney was murdered in Struthers, Ohio, by another male Black, who shot Rowan in the head. The male Black simply entered the Sweeney home and shot the little boy while his mother was holding him in her arms.

* * *

While virtually every American knows the name of deceased serial felon George Floyd, dead drug ring suspect Breonna Taylor, and the crippled accused rapist Jacob Blake, very few know the name of Roman Sweeney, the innocent four-year-old child who was brutally murdered by a Black thug this week.

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Rowan Sweeney Was Just Four When He Died In His Mother’s Arms…And Just Like Cannon Hinnant There Will Be Little Coverage Or Interest From The Mainstream Media

On 21 September, in Struthers, Ohio, a four-year-old died in his mother’s arms after suffering wounds from being shot by what witnesses described as a “young, light-skinned, black male.” That shooter was later identified as Kimonie Devante Bryant, 24, who allegedly entered into the home through an unlocked door around 2 a.m. and began screaming. Survivors of the shooting—he shot everyone in the house—said that before they even had time to respond, Bryant began opening fire.

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5-Year-Old White Boy Slain By Black Neighbor, Leftist Media Doesn’t Cover It

Cannon Hinnant was playing outside with his siblings, enjoying a quiet day of bike riding when his neighbor, Darius Sessoms, allegedly grew enraged at the young boy riding his bike onto his lawn by mistake. Sessoms then approached the little boy, stuck a gun to his head, and pulled the trigger.

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United Airlines Changes Flight Departure Time After Jew Complains It Doesn’t Fit Her Schedule

A Jewish passenger who couldn’t make a United Airlines flight to Israel because of Yom Kippur went right to the top for an accommodation — and, of course, it worked.

The woman, identified as Miriam W. by DansDeals, wrote an email directly to the airline’s CEO and chairman, Scott Kirby and Oscar Munoz, to explain her situation: She said she couldn’t make it in time to Newark Liberty Airport for the 8:05 p.m. flight because of the holiday, as the fast day ended at around 7:30.

United’s executive offices called last week to tell her that the flight schedule would be changed.

The airline had changed its evening flights from Newark to Tel Aviv from 10:50 to 8:05 due to new scheduling requirements during the coronavirus crisis.

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Swarm of giant and hungry robber crabs crashes BBQ on Christmas Island, Australia

An Australian family got quite the shock while enjoying a BBQ on their camping trip when they were suddenly swarmed by dozens of hungry, giant crabs.

The group was feasting on sausages over the weekend when their campsite on Christmas Island was invaded by around 50 robber crabs, which are about three feet in length and have a strong sense of smell.

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NGO Hires “Antifash Gordon” to Dox and Harass Police Officers and Political Opponents

Canton, New York based anarchist Christian Exoo, aka “Antifash Gordon,” has found himself in legal trouble this week after Daniel D’Ambly of New Jersey filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Exoo and other “antifa” members “doxed” him and subsequently engaged in racketeering, extortion, death threats, attacks on his car, and other criminal acts in order to get him fired from his job at the New York Daily News.

According to the lawsuit, Exoo “doxed” and organized an online mob against D’Ambly for putting up a flyer saying “It’s Ok To Be White.” Enablers of Exoo, such as Twitter (which allows his account to “dox” people and go after them despite violating the company’s own Terms of Service) and his employer St Lawrence University are also named as defendants.

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