Sex Abuse Victims in Australian State Could Be Jailed for Publicly Sharing Their Stories, Survivors Demand Law Reform

Rape and sexual assault survivors in Victoria, Australia, want the law changed so they can speak publicly about their abuse without having to get permission from a court.

The law, the Judicial Proceedings Reports Act as it stands today, means survivors could be jailed for up to four months or face fines using their real names to share about their abuse without a court permission.

The new law was enacted in February and applies to the victims of convicted paedophiles and rapists. It prohibits these sexual assault victims from publicly identifying themselves by their real identities, such as in publications like media reports or autobiographies.

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  1. vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ · September 6, 2020

    Sounds like Rotherham, England. Fucked up world we live in.

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