Feminism & Cultural Marxism

Both Environment and Genetic Makeup Influence Behavior

Forbes SLAMMED Because 99% of Innovators are Men

White Men Put Us on the Moon

Feminism & Cultural Marxism

Gender Quotas on Corporate Boards

European Parliament prioritize gender over competence at least 40% of board members must be women

NASDAQ Wants EVERY Company On Their Exchange To Have A Minority, Female Or LGBTQ Director

Law to require large German firms to have at least one woman on board

The two richest women in the world will have acquired their wealth through divorce

Norwegian warship accident raises questions on women in armed forces

Why Swedish Shipbuilding Is Sinking

Women Who Buy the Feminism Meme End Up OLD and ALONE

Percentage of Women older than 14 who have experienced violence by an intimate partner

The Karen Mindset: The Psychology of Entitlement

Feminism: A Cancer on the West

Feminism – a poison that destroys society

Why (((Feminism))) is Ruining Movies

Feminism 101

Dirty Harry on feminism and women’s quotas

Feminism, The Alt-Right & White Genocide

Women can do anything Men can do, so why don’t they?

Woman Does 6% of the Work but Gets 100% of the Credit: Black Hole Photo

Men Need Not Apply, Jobs Open Only to Women at University


About Feminism

Over The Rainbow

Birth Control Pills Are Shrinking Women’s Brains

The Death Cult

The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory – Cultural Marxism

Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

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