Multiculturalism in Fantasy

Fantasy Core


Much of modern fantasy often shows various degrees of multiculturalism and, particularly, multiracialism. In Elder Scrolls, various human races and species of intelligent humanoid beings mix and coexist together.

There are different reasons behind it. In role-playing PC games, it allows players to customize characters as they like. In books and movies, it is largely the influence of United States, themselves a multicultural society, and of modern-day politics which see “diversity” as good and “cohesion” as evil. However, is it realistic?


When it comes to fantasy, societies portrayed there are typically medieval or Renaissance, with somewhat fewer examples based on Antiquity. There is one problem with that: such societies were not multicultural. Not only was there not enough travel for different races to mix (with, perhaps, few exceptions), but people generally did not even travel between different villages – or towns, with the exception of traders. In fact…

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