The Last German WWII Attack – Operation Potsdam 1945

In late April 1945, the German 12th Army launched a daring attack at the Soviet forces encircling Berlin in an attempt to create an escape route west for trapped soldiers and civilians. It was the last full-scale German offensive of WWII.

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Reichsarbeitsdienst; RAD (Reich Labour Service)

Hitler Youth (1926-1945)

The Volkssturm – The Last Army of Germany in WW II

Battle of the Seelow Heights 1945

Battle for the Reichstag 1945



Reich Chancellery

Potsdamer Stadtschloss

Neues Palais (Potsdam) + Sanssouci Park

List of Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross recipients

The Iron Cross & The Knight’s Cross

Close Combat Clasp

German War Merit Cross (WWII Medal)

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During the final battle of Berlin in 1945 the general of the 12th army, Walther Wenck realized that the end of the war was coming, and instead of trying to defeat the advancing Soviet forces as his orders were, he used his army to create an escape corridor out of Berlin. For such an act he would surely have been sentenced to death, but instead he ended up being responsible for up to 250 000 people safely escaping the burning city of Berlin. For some this was a battle, for him this was a rescue operation.


Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-237-1051-15A, Walter Wenck.jpg

Walther Wenck (German: [ˈvaltɐ ˈvɛŋk]) (18 September 1900 – 1 May 1982) was the youngest General of the branch (General der Truppengattung) in the German Army and a staff officer during World War II. At the end of the war, he commanded the German Twelfth Army that took part in the Battle of Berlin.

Historians consider Wenck a capable commander and a brilliant improviser, although incapable of the impossible task he was given of saving Berlin in 1945.

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