Would the US military need help from allies to crush China?

Following our last week’s video, this time our focus is on politics and possible alliances in a war between USA and China. How would those alliances shape the war? How would they impact both the strategy and even tactical deployments?

Is US military strong enough to conquer China on its own?

Could Chinese & Russian military kick the US forces out of Japan & Pacific?

China vs Australia

USA vs China: Global Economy & the Arms Race of a new Cold War

China vs USA: Geopolitics of the new Cold war

Can China invade Taiwan within a year?

China vs USA: Trade war

China vs Japan: Military forces comparison

India vs China (2018)

China vs Russia (2017)

China vs South Korea (2017)

US Navy vs Chinese Navy (PLAN) – Strategy & Numbers (2014-2017)

UK vs China: Aircraft carrier comparison

Binkov’s Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds – a guide to warfare

Gordon Chang warns China ‘Configuring its Military to Kill Americans’

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