The Beginning of Denmark

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The first humans in Denmark

The first Danes were hunters and fisherman who probably entered the country migrating from Southern and Eastern Europe by the end of the last Ice Age around 10,000 BC.

By 3000 BC, farms had begun to appear on the flat, fertile land we now call Denmark. At first, the farmers used stone tools and weapons, but they later adopted bronze and iron. 

By the time of the Iron Age, the Danes had established trade links with the Roman Empire, trading goods such as animal furs and amber. By 200 AD, the Danish people had begun using the Rune language chiseled in stone.

The glamorous, violent Vikings

One of the most notorious periods in Danish history is the age of the Vikings. It began around 793 AD with the raids on the English tidal island of Lindisfarne. The Vikings were eventually to establish settlements in Yorkshire in Northern England and in Normandy in the Northwestern part of France.

The Viking Age lasted about 250 years. At one point, the Danish Viking Sweyn Forkbeard (Svend Tveskæg) and his son Canute the Great (Knud den Store) were the kings not only of Denmark but of Norway, Southern Sweden, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Shetland, Orkney and parts of England.

The Vikings travelled widely outside their realm, sailing to what today is Russia and Turkey. Their admirable navigation skills at sea also brought them as far as Greenland and North America. They continued to plunder and steal, along with more peaceful activities such as trading precious metals, textiles, glassware, jewellery, and fur. On occasion, they also bought and sold European slaves.

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Red with a white cross that extends to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side

The History of Denmark

Nationwide Genomic Study in Denmark Reveals Remarkable Population Homogeneity



  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · September 20, 2020

    I like your map.

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  2. Sandy · September 20, 2020

    i love history, especially about vikings.

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  4. Truthpecker · October 29

    It is said that the name “Danmark” is based on the “tribe of Dan”, one of the twelfe original tribes of the Israelites.

    The tribe of Dan later had sinned against God by setting themselves up as a city of pagan worship and idolatry (probably influenced by King Solomon [the “star of David” was in reality the “Star of Solomon”].

    The tribe Dan had led astray untold numbers of Israelites, and had rivaled the true Temple in Jerusalem by erecting false idols, golden calves, and possessing high places of worship to foreign gods and even took parts in child sacrifice.

    Hence the tribe of Dan was excluded forever from the twelve tribes by the almighty God.

    They escaped the Babylonian captivity and parts of them migrated overseas to the North of Europe – not only to what is called Danmark today – but also to the British Islands.

    Over the times they mixed themselves with the people in the North. Also their Christian faith and nature religions merged and they became what is known as Druids today.

    It is said that the British Royal family is a descendant from the tribe of dan. They remain idolators to this day.


    • Eternal Anglo Seax · October 29

      Forgiving my ignorance, if you please. But is there a/one British royal family? My understanding which could well be wrong has been that Houses with loose claims to old Anglo-Saxon blood from before Normandy rose and fell. My knowledge of Christian Identity is… Poor, but not non-existent. So I ask not so much with the intent of insulting you, but exercising curiosity. Also, does CI speak to the claims of the Dan in Danmark as being relative to words like Danube, or Dana or Danaan – I’ve seen other cognates proposed but have forgotten some without doubt.

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      • Truthpecker · October 30

        Historians agree that Greece was barbarous until a high civilization was brought there by settlers who had come from Egypt but were not Egyptians – but rather aliens expelled by the Egyptians.

        These are the DANAOI, seafarers of the tribe of Dan who had left Egypt by sea, the date is approximately the same as the exodus of Israel from Egypt. They went partly by sea, through the Straights of Gibraltar, into the British Isles and beyond. They went partly across Europe throughout the Danube valley to the Baltic Sea and to the peninsula of Denmark (note: DANube – some of the tribe of Dan undoubtetly settled somewhere alongside the river during this journey).

        Also near this date, Ireland had been conquered by highly civilized invaders who came by sea, the “Tuatha De Danaan” or TRIBE OF DAN, who ruled Ireland for about 200 years thereafter.

        So, by the time when the old Roman Empire cam to power Dan was already out of the territories that the Romans have been in control of.

        Even after many hundreds of years in exile in Europe among pagans, the descendants of Dan kept a notion of their heritage.

        During the purge on Christians by the Romans many Christians fled to Europe. There they also met the former DAN-tribe members and influenced them with Christianity.
        However, the Dan-people mixed Christianity with Nature religion. Because of this incident a people developed in Europe that worshipped only one God unlike the other people there.

        The Romans tried to conquer the British Islands but never succeeded. They said about these people that they were “a cultural but savage people who would sacrifice humans”.

        I doubt that, since the Romans always tried to show their enemies in the worst possible pictures.

        It is rather possible that the Dan-people practiced the Christian symbolic ritual of “eating the flesh” of their God without having a true knowledge about Christianty. But that is speculation.

        Later many Druids were persecuted in Ireland and had to go underground. FREEMASONRY seem to have adopted Druidism and perverted it.


    • Viking Life Blog · October 29

      That might be. I have seen something similar not long ago, with the Jutes (the people from Jutland). It was on Gab (I think), no sources, links, etc..

      Danes, Jutes, Anglos, Saxons, etc. are very similar genetically, as far as I understand.
      Jews are very similar genetically to eachother.
      Ashkenazi Jews are more related to Slavic people than Germanic people according to some sources.

      I find it very doubtful, that the Germanic race is based on Jews.

      Most royal blood in North-West Europe is properly German.

      Nationwide Genomic Study in Denmark Reveals Remarkable Population Homogeneity:

      Nationwide Genomic Study in Denmark Reveals Remarkable Population Homogeneity

      “Impossible” to separate Anglo-Saxon and Danish-Viking DNA:

      “Impossible” to separate Anglo-Saxon and Danish-Viking DNA


      Understanding Poland and the Judeo-Slavic mindset

      Jews a Race, Not Religion, DNA Proves:

      Jews a Race, Not Religion, DNA Proves

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