In Defense of Imperium of Man

Fantasy Core

Imperium of Man (from Warhammer 40 000) is often seen as a fascist, totalitarian state with absolutely no redeeming qualities other than “keeps humanity alive” – a hideous amalgman of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, North Korea, European Union, Imperial Japan, Roman Empire, Byzantine era of Roman Empire and George Orwell’s 1984. It is genocidal, xenophobic, amoral, militaristic, theocratic, paranoid, dystopian, totalitarian, oligarchical, bureocratic police state. But is that so? Shortest answer is “depends on the author”. Some will go “grimdark to the floor”, while others (such as Sandy Mitchell) will show humane side of Imperium. So who is correct?

Most likely answer is: they all are.

Imperium of Man political compass

Governmental structure

Imperium is a huge entity. Empire from Star Wars has maybe a million systems; Federation from Star Trek some ten thousand at most. Population is between 5and 500 trillion for Empire, and between 2 and 4…

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