Poul Sommer

Poul Sommer (October 13, 1910 – 1991) was a Danish fighter pilot, naval officer and civil engineer who participated as a flying ace on the German side in World War II. He finished his career in the Luftwaffe with the rank of captain (Hauptmann).

Poul Sommer – participated on the German side, he had five air victories [six victories according to Dengang and Almanet]. Sommer returned to Denmark in 1943, and in early 1944 he was appointed by the Germans as head of the guard corps, Wachkorps der Luftwaffe in Dänemark. The primary task of the guard corps was to guard the Luftwaffe’s installations and airfields in Denmark. The guard corps was unofficially called the Summer Corps or the ‘Sommerfuglene’ [Butterflies]. Sommer became head of the political branch of the Schalburg Corps, the Folkeværnet [People’s Guard].

Summer was attempted to be killed by the opposition organisation Holger Danske on 13 October 1944,

After the end of the war, Sommer was dismissed from the Danish Navy , arrested in July 1946 and sentenced to eight years in prison in the District Court. The sentence was appealed and ended up in the Supreme Court in 1949, where the sentence was increased to 12 years.

In 1950, Sommer was pardoned and released.


2nd Class Iron Cross
1st class Iron Cross


From the beginning of the occupation, the Luftwaffe used many civilian Danes for guard service at the airfields. Some of the guards were employed through the civil security company Schweriner Wach und Schiessgesellschaft.

In early 1942, Kriegsmarine set up its own corps of civilians to guard its installations. The Marines were initially unarmed and in civilian. But soon uniformed and got guns. In April 1944, the Corps included approximately 750 people.

And some historians say that the corps consisted mainly of former Schalburg Corps frontline soldiers. Members of the corps were supposed to be wearing black uniforms. And that 20 people from the group posed a special terrorist group that deliberately drove around and shot at people. When the group was disbanded, many members were transferred to other corpses in German service, including the Hipo Corps.

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