Stop Ignoring Black Militancy and Black on White Violence NOW

The Tactical Hermit

While the FNC (Fake News Cartel) is busy crying crocodile tears for the black on black violence in leftist controlled ghetto zones like Chicago and virtually every American knows the name of deceased serial felon George Floyd, dead drug ring suspect Breonna Taylor, and the crippled accused rapist Jacob Blake, very few know the name of Rowan Sweeney and Cannon Hinnant, two innocent white children murdered by worthless black thugs.

Where is the Outrage Folks?

Say His Name, Rowan Sweeney: 4-Year-Old White Boy Murdered in Ohio by Black Thug in Targeted Execution

Four-Year-Old Murdered In “Targeted” Attack On Ohio Family, Mainstream Media Ignores The Story

5-Year-Old White Boy Slain By Black Neighbor, Leftist Media Doesn’t Cover It

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  1. Jackie2015 · January 17

    Of course the MSM ignores the murders of white children. The MSM is controlled by the jews and its proselytes

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