New dramatic increase in non-Western immigrants’ share of Corona infected

State Serum Institute: New dramatic increase in non-Western immigrants’ share of Corona infected.

Non-Western immigrants are much more infected with corona than Danes are.

And the proportion of non-Western immigrants in the corona-infected is even rising dramatically. That’s according to a new report from the State Serum Institute, published Friday.

Thus, a new Focus Report from the National Serum Institute shows that people of non-Western ancestry make up a total of 25.7% of the COVID-19 infected, even though they represent only 8.9% of the population. That’s what the State Serum Institute writes.

Their proportion of those infected is approximately three times higher than their share of the population. In other words, a huge over-representation.

It is a very disturbing pattern.

It is people from Somalia, Pakistan and Turkey who have had the highest proportion of COVID-19 cases, writes the Serum Institute.

The picture is roughly the same across the country, but the worst in the big cities like Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Politically correct experts and debaters have put forward theories that the particularly high contagion among non-Western immigrants is linked to their jobs. For example, as bus drivers and taxi drivers, where they are in contact with many people.

But the figures from the State Serum Institute provide no evidence for these claims. The State Serum Institute states:

“For all industries and types of social welfare benefits, the same trend is emerging: the proportion of COVID-19 infected persons is higher among people of non-Western ancestry than among people of Danish descent.”

Why is the contagion high among non-Western immigrants?

The State Serum Institute writes that it is far from being able to explain why the infection is so high among non-Western immigrants.

However, it can be seen that a large number of people in each household as well as a small number of square meters per person may have an impact on the risk of being COVID-19-positive, the report says.

The COVID-19 infected non-Western immigrants are found mainly in homes with more than four residents. The same applies to dwellings with less than 40 m2 per person, the National Serum Institute writes.

But why do many live together in non-Western families? This is hardly because they are allocated less housing than Danish families. It is heavily regulated in the Housing Act.

Therefore, the explanation for the many people in the same dwelling is probably that they have large families. They have more children than danes and they live more family members together.

At the same time, several very large gatherings in immigrant communities have caused a stir because they have broken corona rules and increased the infection.

The new figures show that the corona threat is particularly emanating from non-Western immigrant environments.

There is therefore an urgent need to clarify these links and to take decisive action against this threat of infection.

But politically correct politicians and the media do not seem to be particularly interested in that.


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    The ballot box is over for the Europeans!….. To find the truth….follow the money ….

    The Phony Coroni scam….

    The well poisoners/money changers resetting the global accounts with a “brand spanking new” …..Solvency”….. Oy Vey! ..

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