Archetypes in Action: The Raven

The Serpent's Loft

Maybe there are those totems that draw the mind more than the Raven, but other than the Wolf I think they are few and far between. Not too terribly long ago I wrote through Hugin and Muninn as in service to the personage of Odin as archetypal. As Odin is archetypal of the philosopher king, one who harnesses wisdom through his travels – it makes sense that his familiars should be thought and memory, animals he has not only tamed as he tamed Geri and Freki (greedy and gobbling) but also sends out. The passions he tames, the mind he claims.

It seemed fitting to take a gander, a quick gander to wit, through the ways the Raven shines through the Folkways and asserts itself today. This shall be written from the perspective of a moderner seeking to establish neotraditionalist mores, and follows the suit of the British folkways that…

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