Tank Battles of WW2 – Coo 1944 | When the ambush got ambushed – Battle of the Bulge

The battle of Coo is a very small battle which was fought during the Battle of the Bulge. Although it can be considered as a minor action, its impact was much bigger. As Task Force Lovelady of the 3rd Armoured Division pressed on towards Stavelot, they basically cut the only supply route of Kampfgruppe Peiper. They also encountered an artillery column, which they ambushed before being ambushed themselves later on. Find out more in this video… Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Cheers!

The AceDestroyer

About Joachim Peiper I

About Joachim Peiper II

Gerhard Lauck: Joachim Peiper’s Final Struggle against Communism

Top 10 Facts About Joachim “Jochen” Peiper

Kampfgruppe Peiper – Composition Schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung 501.

The Race for Belgorod

By the Seine…

The Battle of Trois-Ponts 1944 | A bridgehead in the Ardennes

Battlegroup Böhm – The Furthest German Advance West, Ardennes 1944

Hell in the Hurtgen Forest

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