Pro-White Websites

Wayne W Hansen has spread the good word about Viking Life Blog and I like to return the favor.

Wayne W Hansen:

Check out Russell James, Patriot Portal and Stormfront


  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · October 27, 2020

    I’ll have to find my password for Stormfront. Haven’t logged in since… 2013, 14? Been awhile. I want to know if your Russell James is the same one I read about in the paper, there’s a Russel James in Maine who maintains a NatSoc library.

    I’ll also have to follow Hansen there, looks good!

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    • Viking Life Blog · October 27, 2020

      It would be awesome, if it was him from Maine.
      Russell James sounds very English.

      Wayne W Hansen even have a Danish surname and is pro-Nordic and pro-Odin.

      I am all for Community building and would like to do my part.

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      • Wayne Hansen · October 28, 2020

        Yes, I am Danish descent from both parents. My parents were folk dancers with the Danish Athletic Club on 65th Street and 8th avenue, Brooklyn, New York City. I walked in the May 17 parade with a boys group of mostly Norwegian descent boys from a church.

        Do you live in Denmark? If you make an article about Nordfront Denmark I could comment on their website and give the link to your site. Sometimes they have an article that inspires me to write a poem about odinism. Then I write the poem on my Nordic Odinism article.

        The name of your blog is very interesting. As an odinist the viking ship is very important as we see Odin to be King of the Vikings. Two Nordfront Denmark men went in an empty viking ship and held up their flag. I wrote a comment that Odin and Frigga saw this; this means we have life and we want to live.

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      • Viking Life Blog · October 28, 2020

        Great, I don’t see many Danish-Americans on the internet. Danish history outside Denmark is interesting.
        Hansen is a good Danish name and one of the most used surnames, along with Jensen, Larsen, etc..

        Yes, I am Danish and live in Copenhagen. I sometimes share from Nordfront Denmark, mostly about activism.
        I will check out Nordic Odinism.

        The idea of ‘Viking Life Blog’ is, that I am a Viking and therefore live a Viking life.
        Then I found out about Viking Life lifeboats, which add extra mening (I guess).
        I am a big fan of Odin and the other Æsir and Vanir. It is part of our culture, even if we are not religious.

        I have posted about Denmark in USA and find it interesting where and how Danes live in USA.


      • ᛋᛠᛉ · October 28, 2020

        Hey. I won’t proselytise overmuch, but I see you’re from NC as per your Blogger. There is a Männerbund in that State, I know some of the leadership indirectly. Good men. You, sir, obviously have a good head screwed on your shoulders. If you should find yourself looking for quality camaraderie, you might look them up. Information can be found by, I believe also that Viking Life Guy has some related articles in his blog, as I have in mine.

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