As Heads Roll In Streets Of France

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As Heads Roll In Streets Of France, Jews Finally Greenlight Crackdown On Their Muslim ‘Golems’

As the French government rolls out a controversial plan that amounts to its most robust crackdown on religious activity in decades, it is enjoying broad support from at least one of the country’s faith communities: French Jews.

Jewish community leaders have applauded President Emmanuel Macron’s effort to counter what he calls “Islamist separatism” with a plan that would require children to attend state-recognized schools from the age of three, effectively barring the practice of Muslim home-schooling, and mandate an oath of allegiance to the state from religious associations.

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France attack: Three killed in ‘Islamist terrorist’ stabbings

“Police said one woman had been beheaded in the attack”.

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Teacher beheaded near Paris after showing class images of Mohammed

“Black Lives Matter” – Columbus, Ohio

“And in 28 percent black Columbus, Ohio, blacks are 82 percent of the suspects in the 2020 homicides. Blacks also make up 76 percent of the 127 victims, a reminder that the lie of Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a blood libel against White America to induce us to kneel before whatever lie is told to us regarding our complicity in black depravity.”

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Obama Praises BLM As They Loot & Burn Down Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Riots Are Not About Justice, They Are About Looting and Here’s PROOF

German National Socialist Horst Mahler Released from Prison

Horst Mahler, one of Germany’s most prominent Holocaust sceptic, has been released.

Defiant National Socialist and Holocaust sceptic Horst Mahler was released from prison this week, German officials confirmed on Tuesday.

The 84-year-old German patriot was released from a prison in the eastern state of Brandenburg on Monday afternoon, a spokesman for the Brandenburg Justice Ministry said.

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New Scottish Hate Crime Law Could See People Prosecuted for Expressing Views in Own Homes

The new proposed legislation will introduce a “stirring-up of hate” offence on characteristics including disability, sexual orientation and age.

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Scotland’s Justice Secretary Intends To ‘Clamp Down’ On ‘Hate Speech’ Inside Private Homes

Scotland’s Justice Secretary, the Afro-Pakistani Humma Yousaf, says he intends to clamp down on hate speech inside private  homes under his sinister new so-called ‘hate crime’ Bill.

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This May Be the Most Disliked Trailer on YouTube… COME AWAY (2021) Gets NUKED With Dislikes

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The COME AWAY (2021) Alice in Wonderland, trailer is being ROASTED online and people criticize the film for replacing classic characters and people as the video gets massively disliked online. #ComeAwayMovie #Hollywood #Woke


Non-White ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Peter Pan’ Propaganda

Everything you need to know about Hollywood and why you should boycott it


Hengist and Horsa

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Hengist or Hengest (died circa 488) was a Jutland commander who, according to myth, along with his brother Horsa, was alleged to have led Germanic immigration to the British Isles in the 4th century. The name means stallion in Anglo-Saxon or Old English [hingst in Danish].

According to myth, he was a Jutland commander who, along with Horsa, fought against Celtic tribes and won an area in south-east England around Kent. The port from which the Jutes and anglers set over to Britain was to have been Venningsted on the present island of Sylt. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle dates to 488, but it has not been disclosed how he died.

The idea of warrior twins is a habitable mythological trait. The first historical source to tell of Hengest and Horsa is Beda the venerable who lived two centuries later. According to Beda, they were the sons of a Jysk/Jutland chief named Withgils. According to Beda, the brothers entered into an agreement with the Roman-Celtic commander Vortigern. They were supposed to help the British in battle against the Picts and Celts. The Beovulfkvadet refers to Hengist as a half-daner.

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Red with a white cross that extends to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side


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The History of Denmark

Nationwide Genomic Study in Denmark Reveals Remarkable Population Homogeneity

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