Supermensches: Comic Books’ Secret Jewish History

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One day in 1933, as he was cleaning his office, an idea came to Charlie Gaines: He would publish a magazine that would put together all the comic strips that had been published earlier in the dailies. A year later Gaines – a Jew who was born Maxwell Ginsburg – published the first-ever comic book, called “Famous Funnies.” Success was instant.

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Disney To Roll Out Jewish Superhero Who Tracks Down And Punishes ‘Antisemites’ And Holocaust Deniers

The forthcoming TV adaptation of “Moon Knight,” a Marvel comic series about a rabbi’s son who leaves religion for a life of vigilante justice, could star Oscar Issac, a confused actor who denies he’s Jewish even though he admits he has Jewish ancestry.

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Everything you need to know about Hollywood and why you should boycott it

“Antifa” Sympathizer Linked to Dayton Shooter Gets Job at NATO

A far left activist who came to be known for his work at Right Wing Watch is now a researcher at the Atlantic Council, a prominent NATO think-tank. 

Jared Holt, who extremism researchers such as Dr Eoin Lenihan have previously linked to the “antifa” movement — a group of loosely organized anarchists and communists who believe in the use of violence and institutional censorship to silence opposing political views — is featured as a fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. 

While Holt has never publicly confirmed or denied his links to the anarchist movement, he found himself immersed in controversy last year when it emerged that self-described “antifa” activist Connor Betts, who killed 10 people in a shooting spree at a Dayton, Ohio bar, repeatedly interacted with him on social media.  

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