Four charged with home robberies and trick thefts where covid19 is used as a pretext (at least two of them are immigrants)

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The four people are accused of committing a total of 17 trick thefts, home robberies, robberies – and attempted murders in spring 2020. In all cases, the perpetrators have attempted to gain access to the homes of the aggrieved, on the pretext of helping with covid19 or similar conditions have occurred in several parts of Zealand, mainly in the Capital Region. The conditions that have taken place on Vestegnen have occurred in Brøndby, Hvidovre, Rødovre and Søborg respectively.

The penalty can be doubled

Given that the conditions have occurred in the context of the covid19 epidemic, the four people are charged with violating Section 81d of the Criminal Code, which allows for a doubling of the sentence.
“We look at this with the utmost seriousness. The crimes were committed against senior citizens and under the pretext of covid19, which makes the cases unusually serious, says senior prosecutor Tina Christensen
The four people have been charged with a total of 39 counts. In addition to the cases of home robbery, trick theft ol, there are these cases of possession of hashish, theft and violation of the Highway Code.

The prosecution has applied for the expulsion of two of the defendants. The trial is yet to be scheduled.

Source: Danish Police

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