Police checks on a Latvian truck driver showed widespread cheating with his own and others’ driver’s licenses, which could end up with a prison sentence for the driver.

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Police reviewed the truck’s tachograph and the registered driving/rest periods. Here, the officers could see that there was extensive cheating with the driver’s licenses attached to a 62-year-old man from Latvia.
In the past 28 days, the 62-year-old’s driver’s licenses had been misused 18 times, but the stopped 38-year-old driver could only be suspected of eight of the 18 offences.

The police investigation of the case must therefore now clarify the circumstances of the other ten cases of misuse of the 62-year-old’s driver’s licenses, and Police Commissioner Henrik Fobian stresses that it is the police’s opinion that the abuse is a violation of the criminal code provisions on forgery.

“We see repeatedly that drivers are trying to circumvent the rules on driving/rest periods, and that is completely unacceptable. These are rules that ensure safety on the roads and they must be respected. This case is an example of a more imaginative attempt, but it is also more serious. Our officers are specialists in this area and they do not compromise on the quality of control, so even the imaginative experiments are discovered. We have charged the driver with a criminal offence and we now leave it to the courts to assess the gravity criminally,” says the head of Tungvognscenter Øst.

Source: Danish Police

Latvian woman sentenced to 10 years in prison in major cocaine smuggling case

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

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