Three more people convicted of multi-million kroner fraud

A case of serious telephone fraud has been provisionally brought today, primarily targeting senior citizens. Five people have previously been convicted in the same case.

In a case of gross telephone fraud primarily targeting senior citizens, three men have confessed and received sentence

Today, the sentence ended in three, three and four years in prison for three men aged 19, 20 and 21 – the 19-year-old was also given a deportation warning. The three men were convicted at Lyngby court of having participated in systematic and organised data fraud of a particularly serious nature.

The case involves 674 cases of fraud or attempted fraud, with those convicted calling mostly middle-aged and older women and pretending to be from places such as NemID, banks or payment service. They have tried to defraud social security numbers, NemID key cards and other information. In 157 cases, the information was provided, enabling perpetrators to steal more than 11 million kroner from victims’ accounts.

The three convicts and the three who had their cases settled in August are also ordered to pay more than nine million kroner in damages to the aggrieved and the banks that have lost money as a result of the fraud.

Source: Danish Police

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