The “Greatest Generation”

Members of the “Greatest Generation” enjoying the “Good War” by defecating on the bodies of recently murdered German prisoners.

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“We felt powerless before the immeasurable material superiority of the Americans, without which the Russians and British would have capitulated long since… ,” revealed one German officer.

Nevertheless, the hard-pressed Landser was still more than a match for the American “GI” and the British “Tommy.” Whenever the two sides met on anything approaching equal numbers, the results were always the same. Defending its homeland reinvigorated the German Army, of course, but during the fighting in Italy and North Africa, the outcome was similar. Asked his opinion of American troops during the fighting in North Africa—a campaign where Germany’s ally, the Italian Army, had scattered and surrendered like sheep—one captive Landser told his US interrogators bluntly: “The Americans are to us what the Italians are to you.”

German Soldiers of World War II: Why They Were the Best, and Why They Still Lost

In a desperate bid to shore up crumbling resistance, Dr. Goebbels’s propaganda office warned citizens that “these Americans were combat troops whose only function was to fight; but after them come the rearguard service troops and especially the Jews, who have in all other cases acted ruthlessly against the population.” Unfortunately, the truth in these words became apparent once the front-line troops pushed on.

* * *

Unlike the wild and almost unmanageable Red Army, US military commanders might have prevented much of the excesses committed by their men against helpless civilians had they so willed it. In most cases, however, they did not. On the contrary, the words of some high-ranking officers seemed designed to encourage atrocities.

“We are engaged in a total war, and every individual member of the German people has turned it into such,” US general Omar Bradley announced. “If it had not been Hitler leading the Germans, then it would have been someone else with the same ideas. The German people enjoy war and are determined to wage war until they rule the world and impose their way of life on us.”

“[T]he German is a beast,” echoed Supreme Allied Commander, Dwight David Eisenhower, a man whose hatred of all things German was well known. In much the same vein as Soviet premier Josef Stalin and American president Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower advocated the outright massacre of German army officers, Nazi Party members and others. In all, according to the American general, at least 100,000 Germans should be “exterminated.”

“In heart, body, and spirit . . . every German is Hitler!” faithfully trumpeted the US Army newspaper, Stars and Stripes. “Hitler is the single man who stands for the beliefs of Germans. Don’t make friends with Hitler. Don’t fraternize. If in a German town you bow to a pretty girl or pat a blond child … you bow to Hitler and his reign of blood.”

About Slavic Rape Culture

In many towns, the invaders unlocked jails, prisons and concentration camps and invited the inmates to join the revelry.  “They just opened up the camps and let them go,” noted Amy Schrott, a young German raised in New Jersey. “The Russians and Poles were looting the houses and killing the shopkeepers. Then they began raping the girls.”

When a prison camp at Salzwedel was thrown open, a mob of various nationalities literally tore the town to pieces. Locating the mayor, a gang of Russians dragged the man, his wife and daughter to the cemetery. After lashing the mayor to a tombstone, a line of laughing men began taking turns with his naked wife as she screamed on her hands and knees. When a Mongolian started to rape his daughter, the father, in a final fit of rage, tore the tombstone from the ground, then fell over dead.

“White Americans”

While Moroccan and other French colonial troops had an especially bad reputation and raped on a massive scale in Germany and Italy, American and British soldiers were not above reproach. “Our own Army and the British Army . . . have done their share of looting and raping… ,” a US sergeant admitted. “[W]e too are considered an army of rapists.”

The Dachau Massacre

Though perhaps the worst, the incident at Dachau was merely one of many massacres committed by US troops. Unaware of the deep hatred the Allies harbored for them, when proud SS units surrendered they naively assumed that they would be respected as the unsurpassed fighters that they undoubtedly were.

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

When the fury had finally spent itself in Czechoslovakia, over 200,000 people had been butchered. Similar purges of German minorities occurred in Rumania, Hungary and Yugoslavia where men, women and children, by the hundreds of thousands, were massacred in cold blood. The slaughter throughout Europe was not confined to ethnic Germans alone. Following the Allied occupation of France, over 100,000 French citizens were murdered by their countrymen because of collaboration with the Germans or anti-communist activities. Similar, though smaller, and less bestial, reckonings took place in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, and Norway.

With the final capitulation on May 8, the allied chief found himself in control of over five million ragged, weary, but living, enemy soldiers. “It is a pity we could not have killed more,” muttered the general, dissatisfied with the body-count of the greatest blood-bath in human history. And so, Eisenhower (picture above) settled for next best: If he could not kill armed Germans in war, he would kill disarmed Germans in peace. Because the Geneva Convention guaranteed POWs of signer nations the same food, shelter and medical attention as their captors, and because these laws were to be enforced by the International Red Cross, the American leader simply circumvented the treaty by creating his own category for prisoners. Under the general’s reclassification, German soldiers were no longer considered POWs, but DEFs— Disarmed Enemy Forces. With this sleight-of-hand, and in direct violation of the Geneva Convention, Eisenhower could now deal in secret with those in his power, free from the prying eyes of the outside world.

Even before war’s end, thousands of German POWs had died in American captivity from starvation, neglect or, in many cases, out-right murder.

American Death Camp

Like the Americans, the French starved their prisoners. Unlike the Americans, the French drained the last ounce of labor from their victims before they dropped dead.

The Dark Side of the “Liberation of Europe”

The enslavement of German soldiers was not limited to France. Although fed and treated infinitely better, several hundred thousand POWs in Great Britain were transformed into virtual slaves.

How Wealthy Jews Bribed and Controlled Winston Churchill

Ultimately, at least 800,000 German prisoners died in the American and French death camps. “Quite probably,” one expert later wrote, the figure of one million is closer to the mark. And thus, in “peace,” did ten times the number of Landsers die than were killed on the whole Western Front during the whole of the war.

How German Women Suffered Largest Mass Rape in History by Soviets

Unlike their democratic counterparts, the Soviet Union made little effort to hide from the world the fate of German prisoners in its hands. Toiling by the hundreds of thousands in the forests and mines of Siberia, the captives were slaves pure and simple and no attempt was made to disguise the fact. For the enslaved Germans, male and female, the odds of surviving the Soviet gulags were even worse than escaping the American or French death camps and a trip to Siberia was tantamount to a death sentence. What little food the slaves received was intended merely to maintain their strength so that the last drop of energy could be drained from them.

And so, with the once mighty Wehrmacht now disarmed and enslaved, and with their leaders either dead or awaiting trial for so-called “war crimes,” the old men, women and children who remained in the dismembered Reich found themselves utterly at the mercy of the victors. Unfortunately for these survivors, never in the history of the world was mercy in shorter supply.


One man opposed to the vengeance-minded program was George Patton. “Evidently the virus started by Morgenthau and [Bernard] Baruch of a Semitic revenge against all Germans is still working … ,” wrote the general in private. “I am frankly opposed to this war-criminal stuff. It is not cricket and it is Semitic….I can’t see how Americans can sink so low.”

The Disappearance of the Eastern Germans

When a smattering of accounts began to leak from Poland of the unspeakable crimes being committed, many in the West were stunned.


How Three Million Germans Mass Murdered after Destruction of the Reich

The Mass Killings and Brutal Mistreatment of Germans at the End of WWII

French, British and American Soldiers Raped almost One Million German Women after World War II

American WWII GIs Were Dangerous Sex-Crazed Rapists, Explosive Book Claims

GIs, Souvenir Hunting, and Looting in Germany, 1945

Truth Fears No Investigation

Read about WWII here


  1. vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ · November 7

    My grandfather trained as a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps. Though & luckily he finished his pilot training near the end of the war.

    In world war 1 many Americans, especially Germanic and Irish were against the war. Though the propoganda machine won out in the end with both European civil wars.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Viking Life Blog · November 7

      Yeah. It’s good, that he did not have to take part in that.

      You are absolutely right. The propoganda machine won out (again), just like what we have seen with non-White invasion for decades. They keep manipulate the public, to accept it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. tonytran2015 · January 10

    My older friend who was trained as a French Legionaire and was just about to be sent to the Dien Bien Phu battle when it was suddenly over. He said that half of the French Legiinaires for that battle was defeated German soldiers who were offered the choice of joining the Legionaires or facing their unknown fate…
    After the end of the First Indochinese War, many Germans decided to stay in North VN, some even got married.

    CIA thought that those Caucasian people were Soviet Advisers! Lol !
    The big propaganda war in the US has come around and spoilt the accuracy of their battle observation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Viking Life Blog · January 10

      I remember, that you mention this before.
      I wonder what happened to them, did they stay or did they go back to Germany later.

      Yeah, Germany and the Germans became the big loser in the writing of history. I imagine, that history writing has not been kind to Vietnam either.


      • tonytran2015 · January 10

        They stayed and even got married. It is far from their lost home and also away from their conquerers.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Viking Life Blog · January 10

        I wonder if it have been “documented” in biographies, etc..
        Would be interesting.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · January 11

        As to the Post, our Greatest Generation not honored, nor remembered, sadly – an entire generation of Germans, this is the main reason why Germans dislike talking about the Third Reich, ignore legal pressure completely & think about it objectively.

        Adolf Hitler killed himself & knew full well what was going to happen to the German people, German women, German youth, hence the German people were heart-broken, they felt abandoned by their leader, why would Germans today in 2021 cling to a defeated Reich? A Reich which only lasted 12 years of which only 6 years were good years, 12 years is a blip when compared to the entirety of German history, culture & achievement, the Third Reich should not hold Monopoly on German heritage!

        I have discussed this on many occasions with my beloved, we’re both mature & fully Red pilled to both realities Anti-German & Pro-German, we both have relatives who fought for the Fatherland & died for the dream. Whilst the De-Nazifaction was a potent social poison of misinformation no thanks to Allied/Soviet/Jewish propaganda machine the most lasting effect of the De-Nazification itself.

        Germans so easily succumbed to the De-Nazification was because of all the disheartening events which befell the German people who were beat down & fed up, in a worse state then when the soldiers came back from WWI. It is fact which Adolf Hitler had made many promises & did not keep them, he promised no bombs would fall on German cities where in fact almost 90% of Germany was firebombed, he promised the Prussian royal family that he would place a new Monarch on the throne, the same German Royalists who backed the N.S.D.A.P. financially when in reality all he assisted was corrupt internal politics for individual power-play & divergent schisms (Waffen SS Nordicist fetish towards Slavic peoples) based on incorrect information (Aryans, Atlantis, Hollow Earth. Alien Giants).

        There was a growing divide forming between Adolf Hitler (Völkisch Pan-Germanism) & Heinrich Himmler’s SS (Nordicist Fantasy Fetish), had the war not happened the N.S.D.A.P. would have eventually imploded upon itself had Germany not placed a new German Monarch on the throne.

        Not only was there no New Monarch, no restored Deutsches Kaiserreich, but Germany lost more territory than it had before WWII even began in 1939, Adolf Hitler was not a thinker he we a feeler, he weighed too much of this decision making upon emotion, whereas he might have been a superb German leader for peace-time rule who had a strong heart for German people & all Germanic peoples he was not of sound mind for logical & decisive action under pressure.

        I.G. Farben had developed Sarin Nerve Gas to be deployed on American, British & Soviet troops (Good Riddance I say) but Adolf Hitler had an emotional fit at the thought of deploying gas on the enemy because he himself was gassed in the trenches during WWI therefore could not bear it. Adolf Hitler was too compassionate for his own good, he also had an antiquated (19th century) view of warfare tactics & technology which also cost Germans the war.

        Above all else he abandoned the German people at a time when we needed a strong leader the most!

        That cannot be forgiven, hence outsiders (Namely Americans) should not insult Germans, when Germans do not particularly care to discuss or remember the Third Reich or N.S.D.A.P. That period is over, we are now & must move forward, at best we can keep some semblance of Germaness, maybe one day re-make Das Deutsches Kaiserreich, but that cannot happen with America at present remaining a Super-power to strong-arm European interests i.e. NATO & The E.U.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · January 11

        As to the thread below: How does German men breeding with Southeast Asian women benefit Germans? It certainly benefits Vietnamese people, it does not benefit Germany or German people. German men who run away to S.E.A. to intermarry with said women over their own Germanic kin are usually very weak men. I hear many would be Dissidents talk about taking Southeast or East Asian wives yet would be furious if it were the other way around which is pure hypocrisy another reason why I have dissociated from the so-called “Right”.

        Also, when the womb is of another race the child will always be more akin the mother’s race than of the Father’s lineage in this case the Germanic line is not outwardly visible, this is why I am very against the practice. Whereas if the Father is East/Southeast Asiatic & the mother Germanic the child almost always appears more visibly Germanic than not, but I won’t dare mention this to the dissident-right even if it is factual or else, they will have a conniption fit.

        The dissident-right (American & English) as of 2020/21 is just about ego, not facts.

        F.Y.I. Caucasian is not the same thing as Continental European that is a misnomer applied by Americans who still cling upon 17th century obsolete data, Caucasian is in fact a West Eurasian ethnic group not European.

        Jensen you & I have spoken candidly about the Orient & its peoples, where is it.. that you really stand? Because I am getting a conflicting sense from you.

        Germany still exists today! It is not a lost land, just a severed Fatherland.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Viking Life Blog · January 11

        “Jensen you & I have spoken candidly about the Orient & its peoples, where is it.. that you really stand? Because I am getting a conflicting sense from you.”

        How so?

        I don’t really have any strong opinion about the Orient, except for China. Which I see as a growing problem.


      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · January 11

        You have once said to me that “Adolf Hitler” viewed the Japanese like apes to which I replied that is incorrect he actually held them in high esteem insofar to their own culture.

        The Japanese & Ape comparison was made by Americans not by Germans.

        The major Sino-phobic narrative now is mainly American centered & to some extent Australian, New Zealander which whilst valid is boosted via incorrect sensationalism, I am not apologizing for the Han, they are very much ravenous & hostile both as a people & as a national power, but it does not change the fact that Anti-Chinese narrative is a deliberate distraction from Zionism which is an even bigger threat.

        Also the majority of Americans think all Oriental people are literally just Chinese which is a separate problem because it means they cannot remain objective about addressing East Asian peoples as a threat, a neutral force or potential collaborator for resources, most Europeans do not have this defect, unless you’re that Frenchman.

        You said Thailand was a shit-hole, which is a high source of degeneracy, to which I agree.

        So I am asking you & I don’t want to be cryptic with me here, how do you honestly feel about Oriental people (East & South-East Asians) in the broad context outside of the Chinese question.

        You ust discussed above as to having “interest” in the biographies of German men who integrated themselves into Vietnam & intermarried.

        Of which is why I am asking.


      • Viking Life Blog · January 11

        I remember reading that “Adolf Hitler” viewed the Japanese like apes.

        Yes, Thailand IS a shit-hole, which is a high source of degeneracy!

        Because I am interested in history.


      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · January 11

        That still does not answer my question, you’re dodging the question.

        Let me rephrase, How do you feel about German men who intermarry with Southeast Asian women and remain in said country indefinitely? This is not a historical question.


      • Viking Life Blog · January 12

        I believe, that Vietnam should be for Vietnamese people and Germany for German people.

        I am not a fan of race-mixing in general.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · January 12

        Thank you, for the response. I think it would be fair to conclude that you also feel that a German man who abandons his homeland & German sisters for another land in favor of foreign daughters is not a role-model for us.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Viking Life Blog · January 12


        Liked by 1 person

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