Thrown out of the country: Syrian men committed robbery at East Jutland brothels and raped prostitutes

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Three Syrian men, aged 18, 23 and 23, have today been found guilty at Århus court of several counts of robbery and rapes committed in brothels in East Jutland and Copenhagen.

Denmark: 10 out of 12 Rapes Committed By Migrants

The two men, aged 23, AA and MM, were convicted of robbery and sexual assault by visiting two female prostitutes at an address in central Aarhus on 8 June 2019, where they forced the women to hand over money, jewellery and mobile phones with violence, force and intimidation, as well as the use of pepper spray.

MM then forced one woman into oral sex and then raped her. At the same time, the AA preyed on the other woman and forced her into oral sex.

The same procedure was used the following day at a brothel in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Here, however, it was only one of the perpetrators from the day before, 23-year-old MM, who took part, but this time he had brought the now 18-year-old AM.

The two men threatened two female prostitutes with a knife, beat and kicked them and forced them to hand over cash, jewellery and mobile phones. MM then took one woman into a room where, by threatening her with a knife, he forced her into oral sex, after which he raped her. Subsequently, 18-year-old AM did the same.

“These are some very serious cases where women have been subjected to exceptional heavy-handed treatment. In the Frederiksberg case, these were extremely serious rapes, in which the woman was also threatened with a knife, and in the case from Aarhus one of the women was subsequently dragged out under a shower where the perpetrators tried to wash away all the traces,” says Special Prosecutor Birgitte Ernst.

AA and MM have also been convicted of attempted robbery, since they had also planned to commit robbery at a brothel in Copenhagen on 25 June 2019, according to police and prosecutors. However, they never made it this far, because when they showed up at the address, the police were ready and they were instead arrested.

The 23-year-old AA has also been convicted of a aggravated robbery at a brothel near Hammel on 30 May 2019. He arrived with another man, whom has not been identified by police, and threatened the female prostitute at the scene with a knife. She was given tape for her mouth and hands, after which the two men stole jewelry and cash.

The three men, who are all from Syria, were convicted late on Thursday afternoon at the Aarhus Court in the case. 23-year-old MM was sentenced to nine years in prison, 23-year AA was sentenced to five years in prison and 18-year AM received 3.5 years in prison. Moreover, they were all deported from the country with permanent entry bans.

Source: Aarhus Lokal Avisen

They will very likely only have to do half time and they will properly stay in Denmark, because they are colored and Syria is a sh-thole.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Syrian sentenced to nine months in prison and deportation for aggravated violence and the sale of hashish

A total of 12 years in prison and deportation (back to Syria) for life for drug smuggling

Two Syrian sentenced to imprisonment and unconditional expulsion of Denmark for arson.

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