How much money did Jews in South Africa & Rhodesia send to Israel?

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Even as a kid in Rhodesia, I heard that the Jews, who were mostly Doctors, but also businessmen and mayors, were sending monthly amounts to Israel. They were donating money to some kind of fund inside Israel to “build” the state of Israel. I don’t know all the exact places and mechanisms they were donating with.

Later it was discovered by Rhodesia that Israel under Golda Meir was helping the terrorists in Rhodesia. Rhodesia’s leader, Ian Smith, asked South Africa’s help. South Africa’s President told Israel to stop helping the terrorists OR MONEY FROM JEWS IN SOUTH AFRICA TO ISRAEL WOULD BE STOPPED! The Israeli’s then apologised” and said this was “all a mistake and it would never happen again. So they did not arm the blacks again – that we knew of.

But this threat to cut off monies to Israel clearly really scared the Jews.

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  1. sgt489 · 14 Days Ago

    I’m not sure that you are correct about this statement, during the apartheid in SA and around the bush war of 1980 in Rhodesia, it was no other than Israel that showed full support of these 2 countries. It was one of the few countries that actually supported both SA and Rhodesia with massive shipments of small arms.

    The most famous of them was the Galil the latest development of the Israeli assault rifle for the IDF in 5.56 that around that time got into service and saw combat in the Lebanon war of 1982 and remind in service till this day with other modern versions of it like the micro Galil that is issued to tanker units there.

    From the historic view Israel saw the massive support that all arab nations around them got from the soviet union, they naturally decided not to support other commie groups, in this case, the ones that want to turn Rhodesia into a commie safari, but rather to fight against the. We can conclude that Israel gave all the support to Ian smith and the free people of Rhodesia their spirit still lives today with all of us here.

    This is a reference of a Rhodesian Galil from that time

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    • Viking Life Blog · 14 Days Ago

      Israel wanted “friendship” with South Africa when Israel was under pressure from its Arab neighbors, this was when they work together on chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

      About Wouter Basson & Project Coast

      About Wouter Basson & Project Coast

      I am not sure what your comment have to do with Jews sending money to Israel. But their relationship is interesting.


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