66-year-old Iraqi man sentenced to three years in prison for racketeering of 20 million kroner

File:Flag of Iraq.svg

A 66-year-old Iraqi man has been convicted of receiving 20 million kroner in Sweden in 2019, which he received in euros in Poland, before the money was transported back to Denmark.

The 66-year-old has been convicted of handing over the money to three of the people accused in the main case of Operation Goldfinger. Here are 15 people charged with smuggling nine tons of cocaine. Two people have already been sentenced to prison for aggravated burglary, while two others have been convicted of smuggling and selling cocaine.

From the beginning of the investigation, the police and prosecutors considered that the backers needed to exchange the money for euros so that they could buy large quantities of cocaine abroad again.

The court heard that the 66-year-old man exchanged the money in Poland, even though he knew or should have assumed that the money was from offences committed in Denmark.

Source: Danish Police

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