Immigrants charged with wanting to buy 83 firearms

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It is the police special unit Special Investigation West that has indicted two foreign men for wanting to buy first 20 and then 63 firearms with ammunition via the dark web, while two other men and a woman are accused of having to pick up the weapons in Denmark and transport them to Sweden.

“There are a lot of weapons, and as far as I know one of the biggest cases of online gun purchases in Denmark,” said the acting head of special investigations west, Sine Cully.

However, the weapons never made it to Sweden, with the five people involved last year being arrested in two coordinated raids between Special Investigation West, Swedish police and US Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). It was only when they were arrested that the five people found out that they were not real dealers, but the police they had been shopping with online.

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Arrested in Denmark and Sweden

The first arrest in the case was made on 24 July 2019. A 39-year-old Romanian national was arrested in Vamdrup when he received and signed a package that he believed contained 20 firearms.

After his arrest, the alleged masterminds continued negotiations on the purchase of weapons and ammunition through encrypted communication channels. They paid in advance $5000 in bitcoints, and it was agreed that on November 9, 2019, there would be another delivery – this time of 25 weapons at the rest stop at Ejer Bavnehøj.

Civilian-clad police officers were on hand when a 37-year-old Serbian man and a 33-year-old Serbian woman turned up and brought 25,500 euros in cash. The woman remained in the car while the man made contact with the civilian-clad police officers and displayed the weapons. But as he prepared to hand over the money, the officers struck and arrested both of them. They are now accused of trying to pick up 25 weapons in Denmark in order to transport the weapons to Sweden

The last two defendants, a 34-year-old Swedish national and a 34-year-old Serbian national who police believe to be the masterminds of the weapons purchases, were also arrested by Swedish police on 9 November 2019, at the request of Special Investigation West, by Swedish police and subsequently extradited to Denmark.

Up to 12 years in prison

The prosecution has charged all five of violating Section 192a of the Criminal Code, with a penalty of eight years, of attempting to obtain firearms and ammunition in particularly aggravating circumstances. The two backers have also requested that the court apply Section 88 of the Penal Code, which may increase the penalty by up to 12 years in prison.

None of the defendants are Danish nationals, and therefore there is also a claim that all five should be deported by Denmark with a permanent ban on entry.

Source: Danish Police

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