Culture is Downstream of Politics?

Video on BitChute

David Stewart

Winning the Culture War

Why Forced Diversity Doesn’t Work

The Death Cult

Whatever you FOCUS on you will be more sensitive to

Noise – How the News Makes You Know Less and Makes you Feel Bad

The Fable of the Hen and the Wild Turkey

MGTOW – My Opinion of “Men Going Their Own Way”

The Coming Creative Boom

The Coming E-book Crash

How to Use Nostalgia Positively

Diversity in Publishing – The War Never Ends

“C-U-C-K” (etc.) is now “soft-banned” from YouTube comments

Black Panther – The Politics of Race and Ethnicity

The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory – Cultural Marxism

Fifth-Generation Warfare

Fourth-generation warfare (4GW)

Rules for Radicals

Salami tactics

Everything you need to know about Hollywood and why you should boycott it

Cultural marxism in commercials

Normies dislike degeneracy

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