Schloss Panker

The more than five hundred-year-old Estate Panker is located in Panker in the district of Plön near Lütjenburg in Schleswig-Holstein. The estate had been in the possession of the Rantzau family since the end of the Middle Ages, was bought in 1739 by the Swedish King Frederick of the House of Hesse to supply his illegitimate sons, who founded the Hessenstein estate there, and passed to the Electors of Hesse-Kassel in 1808. The estate with its lands and buildings is now owned by the Hessian House Foundation.

The manor house, often referred to as the castle, is privately owned, but the surrounding Gutsdorf is open to tourism and, with several restaurants, galleries and established artisans, is one of the most famous excursion destinations in the region of Holstein Switzerland.

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The lookout tower called the Hessenstein.

The Chapel.

Panker Torhaus.png

The gatehouse.


Castles in Schleswig-Holstein

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