Germany Army: Quality or Quantity?

In this video Professor Neitzel discusses the degradation of German Kampfkraft (“fighting power”) during the Second World War. For this we also compare the different challenges the Wehrmacht and particularly the German Army faced on the Eastern and Western front.

Military History not Visualized

In 1943-44 Germany spend just 6 % of its resources on tanks dealing with Soviet Union and more than 40 % of its resources on airplanes mostly dealing with USA and UK.

German Soldiers of World War II: Why They Were the Best, and Why They Still Lost

German Tank Production in World War 2


What happened to Germany’s awesome aircraft manufacturers

German World War II aces. The greatest airmen the world have ever seen!

At the Gates of Moscow – Furthest German Advance 1941

Operation Barbarossa & Loot Force One

German Exploitation of Occupied Industries – Effective?

Producing Allied Weapons for Germany?

Why determining the Impact of Lend-Lease is so complicated

Did the Soviets win WW2 due to US Support?


German View on War

Read about WWII here

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