If You’re An ‘Oppressed’ Sodomite From The Third World, Italy Now Welcomes You With Open Arms

Adding to its ongoing effort to commit national suicide, a new rule will allow any Third World invader to stay in Italy if they tell border control agents that they are an oppressed “gay” or some variation thereof:

A new option has been opened up to illegal migrants. Simply claim that you are gay, and we’ll let you in, give you benefits and a roof over your heads.  It is a seemingly small but significant change.

Read more here at Christians For Truth


  1. vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ · December 7

    This makes me think of Cucked Republicans or “Conservatives” who are against Islam/Muslims /against Sharia and instead support/promote the LGBTPQXYZ agenda.

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    • Viking Life Blog · December 7

      Many of these alliances are only to fight the White host. Gays, feminists, Jews, Muslims, Blacks, etc. would not be allies if not for us.
      The same goes for the counter jihad movement. They are all fake and gay.

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