New Documentary Sheds Light On Israel’s Strict Prohibitions On Interracial Marriage

In 1967 Jewish activists sued to overturn bans on interracial marriage in America, yet in 2020, the Jewish state retains the strictest miscegenation laws in the world. 

This is the subject of a new Press TV documentary on Israelis who are not allowed to marry by the country’s Rabbinate. Some couples use a loophole that allows them to marry abroad, but with COVID travel restrictions this has become impossible. 

The Zionist state does not allow its citizens to obtain a civil marriage. Jewish apologists will often assert that Israel’s marriage laws are primarily motivated by the population’s concern with religious tradition, but a Gallup survey has found that Israel is one of the least religious countries in the world. 

Read more here at National Justice

double standard is the application of different sets of principles for situations that are, in principle, the same. It is often used to describe treatment whereby one group is given more latitude than another. A double-standard arises when two or more people, groups, organizations, circumstances, or events are treated differently even though they should be treated the same way.


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  1. vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ · December 28, 2020

    As long as a core group of jews remain “pure” Ashkenazi, Sephardim, etc. then it doesnt matter if many or most jews intermarry into their host populations. All the better as when jews interbreed with their host populations they are propogating a victimhood narcassistic mindset which will help fulfill the cause of One World Government.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Viking Life Blog · December 28, 2020

      Yeah, you are right. We see that with all alien groups, also because they can not fit in. Because of not living up to beauti-standards, being darker and victimhood gives a “reason” for not having success while giving success from affirmative action and preferential treatment.

      Liked by 1 person

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