After 100 Years, Jews Are Still Complaining That The Only Jewish Character In ‘The Great Gatsby’ Is A Gangster

Now that the copyright for The Great Gatsby has expired after 100 years and become public domain, Jews are using the occasion as an excuse to “kvetch” about how insensitive F. Scott Fitzgerald was for including a Jewish gangster as a minor character in this classic of American literature:

…F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic tale of the tainted American dream is sure to lose much of its power as every minor character in West Egg receives an unwarranted, birth-to-death psychological profile. Knowing that’s coming, I beg the public: Please take care with Meyer Wolfsheim.

Read more here at Christians For Truth

Beacon Towers

New Shakespeare Anthology For Children Omits ‘Merchant Of Venice’ For Fear Of ‘Offending’ Jews

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