Security Cameras Reveal Pedophiles Routinely Abduct And Assault Children On Streets Of Jerusalem In Broad Daylight

Security cameras installed in a Jerusalem neighborhood to deter a spate of burglaries revealed crimes far worse than anyone allegedly expected — pedophiles abducting children in broad daylight with seeming impunity:

I couldn’t believe this was happening right around the corner from me…”  These were the dumbfounded words of Mrs. S, a young mother of 2 living in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Jerusalem. Mrs. S sends her son to a cheder in Sanhedria Murchevet, and was shocked to see video footage recently released by Rabbi Yizchok Berkowitz.

The security camera footage showed multiple cases of children being abducted and assaulted in the Sanhedria area, just a block away from Mrs. S’ son’s school. The videos were not released, of course, with the intention of ‘shock value.’ They have been shown to the public to highlight a community problem, and to highlight a solution. How the rabbanim came to discover this problem and begin to solve it is fascinating:

In 2018 the neighborhood of Sanhedria was overwhelmed by Friday night robberies. And so, several individuals, including Rabbi Yizchok Berkowitz, joined together to install security cameras on the street. What they saw was something far darker than robbery: Children were being picked up by pedophiles in broad daylight.

Read more here at Christians For Truth

Jerusalem Dome of the rock BW 14.JPG

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