Cultural hegemony

In Marxist philosophycultural hegemony is the domination of a culturally diverse society by the ruling class which manipulates the culture of that society — the beliefs and explanationsperceptionsvalues, and mores — so that the imposed, ruling-class worldview becomes the accepted cultural norm; the universally valid dominant ideology, which justifies the social, political, and economic status quo as natural and inevitable, perpetual and beneficial for every social class, rather than as artificial social constructs that benefit only the ruling class. This Marxist analysis of how the ruling capitalist class (the bourgeoisie) establishes and maintains its control was originally developed by the Italian philosopher and politician Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937).

In philosophy and in sociology, the term ‘cultural hegemony’ has denotations and connotations derived from the Ancient Greek word hegemonia (ἡγεμονία) indicating leadership and rule. In political sciencehegemony implies geopolitical imperial dominance with a component of indirect influence, whereby the hegemon (leader state) rules subordinate states through the threat of intervention, an implied means of power, rather than merely through the threat of direct rule — military invasionoccupation, and annexation.

Cultural hegemony – Wikipedia

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