Victim Olympics / Oppression Olympics

Special interest groups who minimize or oppose even bringing up discrimination/disadvantages of other groups. They do this under the false belief that compassion is a zero-sum game, and feel the need to ensure their prejudices are seen as “worse” than the prejudice faced by another group.

Feminists refuse to allow the men’s rights movement and their issues like circumcision to exist because winning is everything in the Victim Olympics.

Urban Dictionary: Victim Olympics

Oppression Olympics is a characterization of marginalization as a competition to determine the relative weight of the overall oppression of individuals or groups, often by comparing race, gender, socioeconomic status or disabilities, in order to determine who is the worst off, and the most oppressed. The characterization often arises within debates about the ideological values of identity politicsintersectionality, and social privilege.

The Oppression Olympics have been described as a contest within a group, to “assert who is more authentic, more oppressed, and thus more correct”. This may be on the basis of one’s race, gender, sexuality, among other stated or ascribed identities

A person’s stated or ascribed identity “become[s] fetishised” within the group and judged in preconceived essentialist terms. There is a dynamic “of agreeing with the most marginalized in the room”. 

Stoyan Francis described “The gold medal of the Oppression Olympics is seen as the commanding spot for demanding change, for visibility and allocation of resources”.


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