Denmark Is Building World’s First Artificial Island Full of Giant Wind Turbines

Denmark Is Building the World’s First Artificial Island Designed as an Energy Hub

New innovation in wind turbines and ambitious new energy projects prove that offshore wind farming could make wind an important source of renewable energy. The latest of these wind projects comes from the Danish Energy Agency which just announced that Denmark will build the world’s first “energy island.” This 30-acre artificial island is built to accommodate a huge expansion to current wind production and is designed for future expansion.

The energy island will help further Denmark’s current lead on global wind energy usage and will be split 51/49 between the country and private companies. Initial plans suggest that wind turbines will have a capacity of three gigawatts, about the amount of energy used by approximately three million European households.

Denmark Is Building World’s First Artificial Island Full of Giant Wind Turbines — Vermont Folk Troth

Vestas Wind Systems A/S is a Danish manufacturer, seller, installer, and servicer of wind turbines that was founded in 1945. The company operates manufacturing plants in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Taiwan, India, Italy, Romania, The United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Australia, China, Brazil, Poland and the United States.
As of 2013, it is the largest wind turbine company in the world.

Vestas – Wikipedia

Vestas is the energy industry’s global partner on sustainable energy solutions. We design, manufacture, install, and service wind turbines across the globe, and with +122 GW of wind turbines in 82 countries, we have installed more wind power than anyone else.
Through our industry-leading smart data capabilities and +113 GW of wind turbines under service, we use data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources and deliver best-in-class wind power solutions. Together with our customers, Vestas’ more than 29,000 employees are bringing the world sustainable energy solutions to power a bright future.

Vestas – wind turbine solutions and services

The Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas is currently the world’s largest wind turbine maker, representing over 16% of the world wind turbine market. The company was founded in 1898 and is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark. So far, Vestas has installed over 60,000 turbines, which has a total joint capacity of 82 GW, across 76 countries. It has manufacturing facilities in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Top 10 Wind Turbine Manufacturers in the World 2020 – BizVibe

The Vestas V164 is a three-bladed offshore wind turbine, produced by Vestas, with a nameplate capacity of up to 10 megawatts, a world record. Vestas revealed the V164’s design in 2011 with the first prototype unit operated at Østerild in northern Denmark in January 2014. The first industrial units were installed in 2016 at Burbo Bank, off the west coast of the United Kingdom.

Vestas V164 – Wikipedia

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