The Fehmarntunnel becomes a heavyweight


Each tunnel elements weighs about 73,000 thousand tons.

Bagsiden: Femerntunnel bliver en sværvægter

Stig Rostgaard, has calculated the consequences:

“73,000 thousand tons. That must be 73,000,000,000 kg per element. There must be 79 elements of this type as well as 10 items with different specifications. The 79 elements alone weigh 5,767,000,000,000 kg.

The annual global production of concrete is 17,000,000,000,000 kg. The rest of the world must therefore be prepared to reduce their construction activities in the coming years, since the elements of the Fehmarntunnel will account for 33% of the world’s annual concrete production!’

Bagsiden: Femerntunnel bliver en sværvægter

By its completion in 2029, the tunnel will break world records and change the economies of the region.

Denmark is Building a Tunnel to Germany

Højgaard & Schultz

F.L. Smidth


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