Israeli Aerospace Engineers Earned Tens of Millions Illegally Selling Advanced Missiles to China

Israel’s Shin Bet announced it had broken up a ring of Israeli aerospace engineers which had sold the country’s most advanced missile technology to China in return for “tens of millions” of dollars.  There were at least 20 individuals involved in the illegal trade, many of whom had previously served in sensitive intelligence or weapons development roles in the IDF. Some of the ring worked for Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and others worked for similar Israeli companies which manufacture missiles. Haaretz says that the the technology involved loitering missiles, which are launched and track a target and wait for the optimal moment to attack.

Israeli media is under a military censorship order prohibiting the naming of China (most reports mention an “Asian nation”) as the nation which was the destination for the missiles.  IAI may also not be mentioned as part of the censorship order. A well-informed security source provided this information to me.

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