Mass “immigration” has lowered the average height of Sweden and other more or less White nations

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Sweden was the second tallest nation in 2016 and are not even in top ten in 2020.

Top 10 Countries With The Tallest People 2016

Here are the White Nations in top ten 2020:

1. Netherlands (1.838 Meters / 6.03 Feet)

The Netherlands comes in first for height with its citizens’ average heights at 1.838 meters (6.03 feet) across both genders. As determined by the World Health Organization, quality of life and a good diet consisting of dairy products and cold-water fish may have contributed to their tall stature. The predominance of this phenomenon is translated into the only country in the world that has an advocacy representing tall people. It’s interesting to note that all government buildings in the Netherlands have tall doorways.

3. Denmark (1.826 Meters / 5.99 Feet)

Denmark cites conducive genes and environmental factors for height by coming in at third place, with its citizens’ average heights at 1.826 meters (5.99 feet) across both genders. The Danes are known for their good looks among Danish and fairness among Dane maidens alike. They register as one of the wealthier nations in Europe, and their income is one of the highest per capita in the world as well. The Danish government takes care of its own with its excellent social services. Diet and genes, however, obviously have the final say in determining growth.

4. Norway (1.824 Meters / 5.98 Feet)

Norway hits the list in the fourth spot, with its citizens’ average heights measuring 1.824 meters (5.98 feet). In the old days, the Vikings were some of the tallest people, and, today, Norwegians remain in that category. The Norwegian diet is full of protein and good calories that must maintain their superb growth from childhood years and on. The country is known for its quality of life and social mobility, as well as its human development assistance from the government. Much of this is supported by its oil reserve revenues.

6. Germany (1.81 Meters / 5.93 Feet)

Germany is at sixth place, with its citizens making the mark at an average height of 1.81 meters (5.93 feet) across both genders. The diet in Germany typically is known the world over, especially for their beer festivals and great sausage selections. There is a saying among Germans that follows that diet, “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.” That exemplifies the German diet, which is also rich in protein and high in sugar and fat. Potato and wheat are the main staples, usually accompanied with some sort of meat, and often dairy as well. Although alcohol and tobacco use in Germany are among some of the highest in Europe, these could not be said to be one of the contributing factors towards growth, though still these recreational indulgences have not proven sufficient enough to stunt German height across the board either.

10. Luxembourg – 1.799 Meters / 5.9 Feet

Luxembourg comes in at the tenth spot in the list, with its citizens’ average heights collectively being 1.799 meters (5.9 feet) across both genders. Genes could influence growth at each stage of height achieved in life. Obviously, nutrition and environment also are other factors that turn on the growth genes in childhood. Breastfeeding is also being promoted in the country as being beneficial to babies.

What is the Tallest Country in the World? – WorldAtlas

Here are the White Nations in top ten 2016:

1. Netherlands: The Netherlands is the tallest country in the world, where the average height of men is an incredible six feet. This is supported by the fact that the Dutch government recently promised to change building regulations to increase the height of doorways, as the population has grown in recent generations.

2. Sweden: In this country the average height of guys is a towering 5 feet 11 inches. Are you starting to notice a trend yet?

3. Denmark: Among military conscripts, Danish men averaged an impressive 5 feet 11 inches. Again, the Scandinavian genes and comfortable, healthy lifestyle are the main factors here.

4. Norway: Apart from the clear heredity influences, standards of living in Scandinavian nations are usually very high, with Norway ranked by the United Nations as having the world’s second-highest standard of living.

5. Estonia: A high quality of life may not seem to be a reason for tall Estonians, but one important factor contributing to their height may be genetics. The nation does share an ethnic background with the Finns.

6. Finland: Vaino Myllyrinne of Finland is considered the tallest soldier ever, having served in the Finnish Defense Forces. For some time he was (1940-1957) considered the world’s tallest person. He stood 7 feet 3.5 inches at the age of 21, but continued growing slowly until his late thirties when he attaining a final height of 8 feet 3 inches.

7. Germany: Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, German living standards have risen to be among the very best in the world. Nutrition and health are, therefore, very good. This helps to explain why Germans have been getting taller in recent generations.

9. United States: The United States has a huge mix of different ethnic backgrounds hence the reason the United States is on this list is hard to simply explain. It is a country that has huge differences in health care, living standards, and diet. Additionally, some ethnic groups in the United States are very tall, while others tend to have a much shorter stature.

10. Australia: Apparently Australians are growing even taller. Australian men have an average height of 5 foot 9 inches. However, among the youngest men in Australia, average height is around 6-foot.

Top 10 Countries With The Tallest People | Live and Invest Overseas

  • Some countries may have significant height gaps between different regions. For instance, one survey shows there is 10.8 cm (4 12 in) gap between the tallest state and the shortest state in Germany. Under such circumstances, the mean height may not represent the total population unless sample subjects are appropriately taken from all regions with using weighted average of the different regional groups.

Average human height by country – Wikipedia


  1. vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ · February 15

    Get rid of the cities and the True Sweden will return.

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    • Viking Life Blog · February 15

      Get rid of traitors and invasives, would be the best thing. Removing 4 out of 10 millions would be a good start, the 3 big cities would more than half their size.
      They can do as they like in the sh-thole countries, they end up in.

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      • vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ · February 15

        Most problems usually stem from the cities.

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      • Viking Life Blog · February 15

        Yes, that is true. The “left” and “fare left” usually seak towards big cities and there are most of the jobs and educations, that has no value.
        The Mayor in Copenhagen has been “left” for many decades, where the Mayors in rich people’s municipalities are usually always “right”/”center-right”, the same properly goes for municipalities with industry and value making in country side.

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