The Day The Soviets Nearly Captured Hitler

In February 1943, Hitler flew to the HQ of Army Group South on the Eastern Front for critical meetings. Little did he realise that Soviet tanks had broken through and were racing for the airfield where he was about to board his plane to leave.

Mark Felton Productions

Who will tell the Führer?

Führer’s directives

Hitler’s Alligator – The Last German Prisoner of War in Russia

Hitler’s Revolution

Hitler, Austria and the Anschluss

Hitler Acclaimed in the Saar Region, After Vote to Return to Germany

Hitler  Paris – WW2 – 1940

Hitler in Paris

About Hitlers Family

The Myth of Hitler’s “Jewish Grandfather”

Hitler’s Valkyrie: How Britain’s Unity Mitford met with the Führer 140 Times

A Startling New Look at Hitler and His Place in History

Did Hitler Want War?

The Bunker Boys – Hitler’s Child Soldiers, Berlin 1945

Generals blaming Hitler

Did Hitler delay Kursk because of Tigers & Panthers?

Shooting Hitler – The Swiss Assassin

Blutfahne – The Mystery of the Blood Flag

Hitler’s Lost Secret Documents

The Only Secret Recording of Hitler’s Normal Voice | The Hitler-Mannerheim Recording


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