Record amount of heroin seized in Rotterdam

Police from The United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands have seized more than 1.5 tonnes of heroin in the port of Rotterdam. The seizure is called the largest ever in the fight against drug crime in the Netherlands. That’s what AFP writes.

Britain’s National Crime Council says the heroin was seized two weeks ago. The heroin was in a dumpster filled with salt from Himlaya.

When sold on the streets of the UK, the heroin could have brought in around £150m.

Five men were arrested in the case in Etten Leur near Breda in the Netherlands on February 9. Three of them are in custody.

Germany and Belgium also announced that 23 tonnes of cocaine had been seized – also a record drug catch in Europe.

Earlier this year, police in Ecuador seized 1.3 tonnes of cocaine hidden in a container going to Estonia. The cocaine was seized in the port of guayaquil. It happened after a dog responded to a suspicious load.

Police in Ecuador seized record amounts of drugs last year – about 128 tonnes.

Significant quantities are transported from there to Europe.

Rekordstor mængde heroin beslaglagt i Rotterdam

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