Preferential Treatment

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Preferential treatment means government action which uses solely race or gender to select a less qualified applicant over a more qualified applicant. This definition of preferential treatment is based on the Washington state supreme court ruling in Parents Involved In Community Schools vs. Seattle School District, No.1, 72 P.3d 151, 166 (Wash. 2003).

Preferential treatment means the act of using race or gender as the sole qualifying factor to select a lesser qualified candidate over a more qualified candidate for a public education, public employment, public contracting or public health opportunity.

Preferential treatment definition – Law Insider

Preferential treatment means to give an advantage to one country, group, or company over others.

Preferential treatment | The IT Law Wiki

By a rather consistent margin for the past 22 years Americans have opposed preferential treatment for minorities. In a 2009 survey just 31% agreed that “we should make every effort to improve the position of blacks and minorities, even if it means giving them preferential treatment,” while 65% disagreed. Whites are overwhelmingly opposed to the issue (76% disagree), but majorities of both African Americans (58%) and Hispanics (53%) favor preferential treatment to improve conditions for minorities. However, in a 2007 survey, 70% of Americans said they favored “affirmative action programs to help blacks, women and other minorities get better jobs and education,” including a majority of whites (52%). Support for affirmative action has increased substantially since 1998 when only 58% favored such programs.

No to Preferential Treatment, Yes to Affirmative Action | Pew Research Center

Preferential treatment for minorities discriminates against majority groups and other non-minorities.

Racial preferences reinforce common stereotypes relating to inferiority.

Preferential treatment stigmatizes highly educated minorities as only being successful because of preferential treatment, instead of their hard work and intelligence.

It is said to be unwise because the racial preferences lower collegiate academic standards.

Racial preference can lead to resentment between those who benefit and those who experience discrimination.

Preferential treatment for minorities discriminates against majority groups | Course Hero

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If I were to describe North-West Europeans and especially Germanic people’s relationship with everybody else in two words, it would be preferential treatment.

This experience goes all the way back to my childhood. It can be seen everywhere in our countries, EU and in geopolitics.

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  1. vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ · February 27, 2021

    Preferential Treatment is another way of saying tribal loyalty in this case it is the Anti-White religion of Political Correctness/the Woke of SJWs, BLM, Antifa, etc. The whole prefer the mud over the light is based on envy and narcissism that Tikkum olam/Zion is the one true ring for the goyim to follow.

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  2. Viking Life Blog · April 16

    “bake sale”

    “bake sale”


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