Interview with Dan Eriksson

An interesting talk about parallel society and the sad state of Sverigestan (Sweden).

Interview med Dan Eriksson – (30/09/20) – Nordens Grænse

The Swedish nationalist movement seem to do a lot of good things and should properly be seen as a role model, in many regards.

Europa Terra Nostra sounds to me like joining the enemy, Polackistan/Europe’s Mexico is the country where most immigrants come from in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, UK, Ireland and number two in Germany.

I believe in Germanic Unity! Yeah, call me a dreamer.

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Stockholm Syndrome or just desperation seems to be in the collective minds of Swedish nationalists.

Is Sweden Ready to Die? I hope not!

I just don’t understand why so many in the “movement” are so fond of Europe’s Mexico.

Of cause, I have no influence and my point of view dosen’t matter anyway.

Parallel society




Intentional community

Community Building – IRL

Lost Causes!

We are all in this together!


So You Want To Build A Mannerbund

Orania, Northern Cape

Jamel, Germany

Harrison, Arkansas

Entertainment For Us, By Us

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