German Merchant Raiders of WW2 – Gentleman Raiders of the High Seas

Today we look at the German ‘Hilfskreuzer’, the specially built Armed Merchant Raiders of the Kriegsmarine in WW2


Hitler’s Raiders in the Pacific

Kings and Generals 3d animated historical documentary series on modern warfare continues with a video on the German naval raiding vessels which attacked Australia, New Zealand and other Allied territories in the Pacific Ocean during the early portions of World War II. This episode focuses on the exploits of Orion, Komet, Pinguin, and Kormoran, explaining how the Kriegsmarine’s vessels attacked the targets in the Pacific Ocean, especially Nauru and its phosphate facilities.

Kings and Generals

German World War II commerce raiders

German WWII Ship Classes

Daring German Naval Raid Normandy 1945

Hitler’s Sea Wolves – The Granville Raid 1945

Germany’s Secret U-Boats 1918 – 1935

U-Boat Aces about Das Boot

Wolfpack & U-Boat Tactics

The Second Happy Time – German U-boats Rampage Only Miles off the US Coast

German Submarines Brought the Fight to Florida during WWII

Wreck of Rare Kriegsmarine B-boat Found near the Coasts of Denmark

The final resting place of three German U-boats, nicknamed “Hitler’s lost fleet”, has been found at the bottom of the Black Sea.

The U-boats That Time Forgot

The Shocking Truth of U234

The Mysterious Voyage of U-530

German U-Boats in Argentina 1945 – U-977

German U-Boat Action Pacific

The Laconia Incident

WWII U-Boats in the West German Navy

German miniature submarines – Normandy 1944

German Frogmen Attack – Nijmegen Bridge 1944

Ice Station Kurt – The Secret German Mission to Canada

Secret German Arctic Bases

MS Schwabenland

Read about WWII here

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