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  1. · March 31, 2021

    One company is making bank off of their “new” tech that can ID someone even whilst they were a mask, a tactic many thought would render the tech less successful during the ChinaFlu dawn. Hell, many Orgs use facial scan technology, one Major Org – one of the new “Lead Coalitions & Orgs/NGO/501(c)4 in particular actively uses two separate companies & programmes when hosting weekly webinars or Training Sessions (these last ~6hrs btw and are two day events) as a security feature to maintain security & detect infiltration attempts. But…. there’s a few neat ways to blag & avoid Facial IDing, it’s a pain in the arse, but effective. Curious? Pls contact me directly as I’m sure as Hell not sharing it on any social platform. Hint. Hint. Wink. Wink. and so forth.

    Masks or partial facial coverings help bypass some of the Algos used by currently available tech and scanners, but these programmes are YEARS ahead (thanks Facebook and Google! Dicks) and found in Gov’t CCTV and camera systems.

    A bit off-topic but there is a connection… Of course the incredibly original, intelligent, logical and non-violent Americanised version of AntiFa gs, or Antibes {HAHAHA. Y’all suck} required ANOTHER foreign source to learn from and ganking tactical options before passing them off as original (Ha). This time, the irony is Fucking delicious! The PRC, known for stealing 99.99998% of all military tech and managing to not get it right the fifth time (e.g. Usually I cite my favourite example the Su-27K a carrier-variant of the Su-33 which China -J-11/16 and J-17 – ganked by pulling a Nigerian Double Switchback… Too bad they can’t build Powerplants to replicate the thrust ratios necessary to… sorry. I’m a nerd. Anyway, the J-10 and JF-17 are bastardised & hybrid F-16, or a F-16 and Mig-21 combo. I love citing these (only the beginning) examples because 1. Fuck #Baozi and 2.The PLAAF would remain 1960/70s era Gen Tech if not for “America’s best Ally” and only “Democratic Nation in the Mid East” selling-out and selling the designs of the über-advanced and über-based F-16 to PRC in order to recoup money from the failed Lavi Programme. Thanks Ally! Way to show loyalty! Here’s your check.

    Long day, needed to vent. I aoolo… nope. I never apologise over speech. The point is that the US AntiFa/Antibes are a half-arsed attempt at replication, i.e. ganking the colours and general message from the OF AntiFa formed in Europe (1950s. Not the Official Paramilitary police forces) This lot existed as a counter against one Gentleman . The US versions lazily assembled and serves as a central blanket or collective “nerve centre” like one found in the tail section of a Steggosaurus. Not really a brain, even if walnut sized.

    I mention PRC because much like the American Base GOP & DEM/Prog Voter, these groups share a common pattern: Late to the party and slow to learn or recognise what’s standing 1 meter away! The Antibe collective acquired info and Include various “Toolkits” or workbooks based on ( #IStandWithHK ) Hong Kong Protestors Tacts&Strats. Lasers, Umbrellas, Organisation, assigning roles, training, logistics, basically taking things seriously AF because they HAD to. Of course, they implemented and improved upon these ideas over the course of several years… see? It took the AntiBes YEARS to follow suit! Their European “cousin” adopted similar techniques independently of HK, but maintained a Chain of Command…

    Patterns! How I love them. Like the sudden rise of NovNats (November or Novice Nationalists) or the adorably stupid “Trump Nationalists or Republican Nationalists” I studied PoliSci at Uni. Learned about every
    ideology (and self-IDed as Nationalist when I was 18yo. Yes, I can prove my Source) but we never covered Republican Nationalism. Guess that’s why so many dropped it from their Twitter or (sigh) Gab profiles.

    If ppl fancy getting serious (present company excluded) they should start LEARNING via multiple and independently researched Sources, Primary, rather than counting their watching MSNBC/OANN/FNC etc. as the only outlet(s) & Sources of Information. This leads to Group-Echo Chamber thinking and hubris to an extent that many feel “Okay. I watched two or three hours of TV News! Consider me a modern George F. Kennan level Diplomat! I’m ready to participate in a G8 Summit and negotiate a Cease-fire or two!” Sigh.

    History is a Dedicated Pattern. An Ouroboros of incredible proportion and combined with mathematics, allows us to predict behaviours with a better Win vs Loss Ratio than all meteorologists predicting a Cat-V Landfall & Time. Shame more don’t F-ing use it.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 1, 2021

      Yeah, big brother is growing.
      I have left a comment on your blog, maybe you can see my email address.

      Yes. CCTV has also been used in London since the 1990s (as I understand). And now, people are ready to tolerate more.

      Greatest ally! lol
      Yeah. Luckily, reverse engineering is not that easy.

      (((Antifa))) has always been an anti-White tool.

      Nationalism is not going well for us, in general. Same problem in North and West Europe.

      Things are going in the right way (baby steps), in regards to ‘main stream media’ dying off.
      Alternativ media is slowly growing, but yeah (sigh). NPCs.

      Yeah, we are doomed to repeat history.
      I guess, that we just have to be optimistic and contribute with something positive.


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