China Iran Deal Makes the US Weak

The recent China Iran Deal is aimed at making US sanctions on Iran an irrelevant negotiating tool for the Biden Administration to get Iran back on the Iran Nuclear Deal. But it’s also part of a bigger plan to provide China with oil, grow the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in the Middle East, and one day even surpass the US as a global super power.

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China Holds Joint Naval Drills with Russia, Iran in Indian Ocean

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  1. · April 4, 2021

    Déjà vu, innit? LOL. Sadly, the LULZ ends here. This formalised the de facto relationship between The Islamic Republic of Iran and PRC, ~2 year(s) after the initial inclusion of Iranian Military forces (see Cannon Fodder or Crunchies) in joint Russian-Sino Military War Games. Adding thee Iranian Forces created what could be argued (without signigicant disagreement) a quasi-triumvirate, basically a Participation Trophy and “You Just Got Played” level of respects added. The addition of Iranian Military forces during the recent Chinese, Russian and Iranian Military Wargame, Caucus 2020, included smaller Troops deployed by Armenia, Belarus, Myanmar, and Pakistan. India bounced last minute due to “Logistical Issues” AKA Problems re The Line of Actual Control and bloody hand-to-hand combat against PLA Troops.
    This training included a lot of firepower and Focused onAmphib Landings, Ship-to-shore, A2/AD, Encirclment or Pincher, a PLAN Favourite & Establishment of C3 infrastructuresin a dynamic combat zone.

    2019 saw the Maritime Security Belt exercise, the first major Wargame between the three and Iran’s first since early 1971. This Wargame used Pirates (granted, they are a threat to shipping as PRC ship 3x as much as the US) and involved the only overseas PLAN Base at Djibouti, the same from which Laser Weapon Tests against SUN Carrier Groups originate and where many believe PRC are drawing Djibouti deeper into debt (see AIIB) as PRC has most of Africa and Asia. Add Iran dependence on Chinese Imports, about a third and PRC imports less than 1%.. sans Crude. They’re the largest Net Importer of Petrol and 50% from the Mid East. Iranian Crude is Shite, but Crude is Crude.

    Interesting timing. The last time a Mid East nation, Saudi, purchased Missiles and Launch Vehicles came after the US refused to supply The Kingdom with external drop tanks for their F-15 Fleet, extending endurance and penetration. As Saudi are the only Regional threat to Iranian expansion, isolating and denying FMS after first agreeing as we did with Bahrain & UAE isn’t a Pattern to replicate. But hey! They recognised… nevermind .
    Iran gets to show off their latest Missile Tech and integration plus, China gets a few arms deal agreements to bolster their Cred selling shite stolen tech. Still, it’s a win-win, albeit skewed, for both. Most important aspect is Strategical Long-term, literal applications re Airspace and Land to move weapons and logistics lines just in case, plus an easier reach towards the Strait of Hormuz and Suez, if needed of course.

    Oh. The Wedt-to-East Pipeline vs South-to-North gives RF complete control over Natural Gas AND Petrol instead of Saudi & Co. controlling the latter, not like Russia would cut-off the flows right? End/Sarc
    And let’s not forget the BRI and PRC wet dream: PetroCurrency Replacement

    Now. If the average Base Voter would understand these issues and what this Formal Agreement entails; we’d be sorted. But, one side listens to Morons and can’t decide if a penis makes you a bloke or a bird and the other side rely on Blags from a fancy looking Wiki series. Oh goody-Fucking gum-drops. We gotta end Universal Suffrage. And Supranational Bodies & voices (looking at you Verhofstadt)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Viking Life Blog · April 4, 2021

      The worst thing about it, is that the West is finansing our enemies. In this case China, but also the ones invading our countries, etc.
      This world is fake and gay! 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      • · May 6, 2021

        Seduction. Power. Oysters. Diplomacy ( Like Field, there are TWO ways to correctly approach Diplomacy, properly and half-arsed/Failure), Hard and Soft Power and the personal Level of gaining, retaining and increasing Power and Influence, Financial Gain and Hubris. These morally and ethically shortcomings yield horrible ROIs but the People suffer the most regardless which F-up is chosen by the Leadershite or Party. PRC/CPC play on these and Beta/Tested on their citizens and smaller neighboring states before going full Release. It’s a weakness if exploited properly/someone has the bollocks.

        It is A Clown World After All…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Viking Life Blog · May 6, 2021

        You are absolutely right.


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