Discussing archeofuturism with Dr. Wolfheze. Going into all of it’s syncretic influences from Marxism, Nationalism, Futurism and others.


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Millenniyule 2020: Faust

Guillaume Faye (French: [ɡijom faj]; 7 November 1949 – 6 March 2019) was a French journalist, writer, and leading member of the French New Right. Earlier in his career, anti-Zionism permeated his work; later on, criticism of Islam became prominent in his writings.

“Archeofuturism”, a concept coined by Faye in 1998, refers to the reconciliation of technoscience with “archaic values”. He argues that the term “archaic” should be understood in its original Ancient Greek, that is to say as the ‘foundation’ or the ‘beginning’, not as a blind attachment to the past. According to Faye, anti-moderns and counter-revolutionaries are actually mirror-constructs of modernity that share the same biased linear conception of time. Defining his theories as “non-modern”, Faye was influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche‘s concept of eternal return and Michel Maffesoli‘s post-modern sociological works. Political scientist Stéphane François has described archeofuturism as a combination of “post-modern philosophy, some elements of Western counterculture, and racism.”

Guillaume Faye – Wikipedia

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