WIND FARM ASSEMBLY Off The Coast Of Sylt – Millimeter Work In All Weathers

Probably the most difficult construction site in Germany is 70 kilometers from Sylt. The sea is up to 32 meters deep and the waves are high even in good weather. A wind park with 80 turbines is being built here under harsh conditions, which will generate climate-friendly electricity for a million people. A mammoth project that is hard to beat in terms of size and complexity. And things are progressing rapidly: specialists erect the almost 150-meter-high wind turbines within a day.

WELT Documentary

DanTysk is a 288 megawatt (MW) offshore wind farm in the North Sea 70 kilometres (43 mi) west of the island Sylt, in the German EEZ at the border to Denmark. The wind farm operates 80 Siemens Wind Power‘s SWT-3.6-120 turbines with a capacity of 3.6 MW each.

The project’s estimated cost was $900 million. The windfarm is sited in water depths of 21–31 metres (69–102 ft). The turbines were kept warm and healthy with diesel generators for 6 months before onshore cabling was fixed. The farm sent first power to shore in December 2014.

Initially the project was developed by Geo Gesellschaft für Energie und Ökologie. The project was purchased by Vattenfall in 2007. In 2010, Vattenfall sold 49% stake in the project to Stadtwerke München.

The SylWin transformer platform connects the power from DanTysk, Butendiek and Sandbank offshore wind farm to shore. A DKK 375 million accommodation platform for 50 people is being built to service both DanTysk and Sandbank, inspired by Poseidon at Horns Rev 2.

DanTysk – Wikipedia

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